Cameta 101: How to Make a Free Infographic

Have you ever seen those cool infographics on Pinterest or Instagram and wondered how to make them? Whether you want to create designs for your business or for fun, this article will show you how to do it for free. You don’t need expensive software, and you don’t even need any pictures. Let’s get started.

1. Make an account with

It’s quick, easy and painless. There is an option to pay for an account to have more usability, but the free account is totally fine to start with. You have access to images, layouts, text and a lot more with the free account!

2. Dashboard in Canva

Now, you should be on the dashboard. This is where all the fun happens.

Click on “Create a design.” There will be a bunch of choices from social media to posters to e-books.

In this example, we’ll create an infographic for Pinterest.  So, simply choose Pinterest Graphic.

3. Choose a layout

Click on Layouts and scroll down until you find one that you like. When you put your mouse over a design it will say “FREE” or “$” in the bottom right corner. If a design has “$”, you are paying for the picture or a design vector in that design. Don’t worry, you can transform a paid layout into a free one. Click on a design and it will open in the dashboard.

4. Rename Your Work

Click on title and rename it with something that suits your design.

5. How Do I Change the Picture?

Click on the background picture and delete it.

Now, go to the search box and type in an item that will help portray your design well. In this instance, I chose mountain because I want to find a nice nature picture.
* There are free and paid pictures. Free is always better for me, and there are so many to choose from.

6. Resize and Move Picture

Drag the corners of the image to make it larger and fill the layout.

Then move it around until you like composition.

7. How to Change an Element in Canva

Click on the rectangle to activate it. Click on “Pick a color” to open up the color palette.

If you don’t like the default colors, click on the +. This will open up a wheel of colors and a dark/light bar. This gives you unlimited color choices! For this, I chose 7d6349 because it’s a nice earthy color that goes with the natural feel of the design.

The rectangle is too dark, I want more of the picture to be visible. So, click on transparency, and move the slider to the left to make it more transparent.

8. Take Out All Non-Essentials

Remember how I said you can transform a paid design into a free one? Well, all you have to do is delete the things that you have to pay for. For this design, the tree vector has a fee. So, delete it.

Now, delete all the text that you don’t want in your design, and move the lines around until you like the placement.

9. Change the Text

Click on the text, and highlight it all. Add your own text, it can be a quote from someone you look up to or you can put in your own thoughts. I chose a quote from the photographer, David Alan Harvey, because it goes with the image. The picture makes me think of time. It must haven taken thousands of years for the water to carve out the landscape. It makes me feel like I have all the time in the world, and no time at all. That’s why I like this quote for this particular picture.

Change the font size to your preference.

You can change the size of the text field by moving the borders in or out.

Also, move the text to a location that you want.

10. Add Text

When quoting someone, always give the person credit. Choose text and “Add subheading.” Type the person’s name.

Change the font type to Graduate.

Change the size and color.

11. Make Sure to Credit or Copyright Your Work

Remember to add a copyright notice or add your website to design. Not only will this help protect your work from being copied and used by others, it may help drive traffic to your website or result in increased searches.  You can create a new text element, or simply click on an existing piece of text and copy it.

Move it to the bottom of the document. I like the copyright to be a different text, size and color from the other text. This way it stands out, but I don’t like it to be distracting. I changed the font to Open Sans, the size to 21 and the color to 97e7e7.

12. You’re All Done!

Make sure to save the design and download it. Choose a file type and save it to your desired location.

Now, you’re ready to design in Canva. You don’t need any money or design experience to make beautiful infographics for Pinterest. Since Pinterest has a strong focus on pictures, it is important to have a picture that stands out and a clear message. It can be motivational, a workout, a recipe, a learning guide… basically anything you can think of. Canva is a great choice because there are thousands of pictures and layouts that don’t have a fee. Also, if you have pictures, you can always upload your own.

Have fun with your designs!


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  1. Great article. I started using canva about a month ago. It beats paying $100 or $200 to have someone make an infographic for you. Their templates are super easy to use too; just drag and drop for the most part.

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