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Fenix AOF-S+ Flashlight Filter Adapter (Blue)

Fenix AOF-S+ Flashlight Filter Adapter (Blue)

Compatible with PD35, PD12 UC40 & UC40UE

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Fenix AOF-S+ Flashlight Filter Adapter (Blue) with:

Fenix AOF-S+ Flashlight Filter Adapter (Blue)

The Fenix AOF-S+ Blue Flashlight Filter Adapter is an attachment for specific Fenix flashlights that provides outstanding filtration ability to maintain a strong blue light. It is easy to attach and remove, and features an anti-roll design. The body is made from super strong PC 2805 plastic, while the lens is toughened, ultra-clear glass with an anti-reflective coating.

This adapter produces a strong blue light, great for penetrating fog and smoke, and excellent for signaling. The blue light is ideal for highlighting blood trails when hunting, and helps preserve overall night vision.

Key Features:

  • Toughened glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Anti-impact, durable PC 2805 plastic body
  • Easy to attach, easy to remove
  • Blue light highlights blood trails when hunting
  • Compatible with Fenix PD35, PD12, UC40, and UC40 Ultimate Edition flashlights
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