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KNEKT KDC6 Dome Port Cover

KNEKT KDC6 Dome Port Cover

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KNEKT KDC6 Dome Port Cover with:

KNEKT KDC6 Dome Port Cover

Protect your equipment against dust, moisture and impact.

The KNEKT KDC6 Dome Port Cover is the perfect companion for your KSD6 Dome Port (sold separately). Extra thick and durable 4mm neoprene provides the padding and protection needed when storing and transporting your dome. With an easy-to-use drawstring closure and built-in interface plug, your KSD6 will stay clean and scratch-free inside and out. Custom made in the USA using quality materials put together by skilled workers.

Key Features:

  • Thick, padded neoprene
  • Drawstring closure
  • Integrated interface plug
  • Made in the USA
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