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MADE Rubberized Camera Armor Case for Canon 5D (Camouflage)

MADE Rubberized Camera Armor Case for Canon 5D (Camouflage)

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MADE Rubberized Camera Armor Case for Canon 5D (Camouflage) with:

  • Camera Armor
  • Lens Armor
  • LCD Shield
  • Lens Cap Leash

Protect your valuable Canon EOS 5D & 5D MARK II with this Elastomeric Silicone Body & Lens Armor!

Custom Engineered for the Canon EOS 5D & 5D MARK II Camera Armor is an always on, protection system consisting of 4 parts: An elastomeric silicone Body Armor, Lens Armor, Lens Cap Lanyard, and a Polycarbonate LCD Shield.

The precise fit covers up all of the important parts of your DSLR camera to protect it from impact, abrasion, dust and fingerprints without sacrificing any necessary camera functions or adding additional weight. Camera Armor provides protection in action and is uniquely designed so that all of the camera controls and access ports are completely functional and accessible without taking the camera out of the jacket. You can put the Camera Armor on your camera and leave it there while in your bag or taking pictures.

For maximum protection, this Camera Armor comes equipped with Lens Armor and lens cap lanyard as well as a clear polycarbonate LCD shield that protects the rear LCD screen from daily abuse.

Key Features:

  • Camera Armor package designed specifically for your Canon EOS 5D & 5D MARK II!
  • Camera Armor is made of a proprietary silicone blend that is UV stable and will not fade, deform, or deteriorate over the lifetime of your camera.
  • Great For: Outdoor use, Multiple Camera use, Sporting Events, Inclement Weather Conditions, Hiking, Hunting, Birding, Snowboarding, Skiing, etc.
  • Improved camera grip to avoid accidental drops
  • Lens Armor fits most 52-77mm filter lenses

CANON 5D **MARK II** OWNERS Please Note:
On the Canon EOS 5D MARK II ONLY, the silicone skin slightly covers the LCD screen around all the edges. All other features for the 5D Mark II are fully functional. There is no issue with the older EOS 5D, it is fully compatible.

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