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Nikon 100th Anniversary Pin Collection

Nikon 100th Anniversary Pin Collection

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Nikon 100th Anniversary Pin Collection with:

  • 25 Pins
  • Display Plate
  • Metal Frame
Nikon 100th Anniversary Pin Collection

A collector's journey through the history of Nikon.

For 100 years, Nikon has been exploring the possibilities of light and optics. This beautiful collection of 25 pewter pins takes you along on that journey, showcasing seminal camera models like the Nikon Model 1, Nikon F and Nikon D-Series, legendary Nikon binoculars and original company logos. Available in limited quantities, the complete Nikon 100th Anniversary Pin Collection includes an exclusive booklet describing each model and a display plate with a special metal frame engraved with a limited serial number.

It's sure to brighten any Nikon lover's home or office. From the Nikon Model 1 to today's flagship D5, some of Nikon's most legendary models are crafted from handmade dies, bridging three-dimensionality and quality craftsmanship.

Key Features:

  • 25 three-dimensional pewter pins commemorating Nikon's seminal models
  • Beautifully crafted from handmade dies
  • Available in limited quantities; one of a kind collector's item
  • Exclusive booklet describing each model
  • Display plate with metal fame engraved with limited serial number

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