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Nikon AN-CP14 Wrist Strap for Coolpix Cameras

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Nikon AN-CP14 Wrist Strap for Coolpix Cameras with:

Your digital camera is a delicate piece of equipment, and even a short drop can cause extensive damage to its inner workings, not to mention the exterior casing and LCD screen. Keep your Nikon Coolpix Compact Digital Camera on a short leash with a durable carrying strap from Nikon, and make sure your expensive digital device stays where it belongs -- in your hands. Made from tough, flexible nylon, this strap will help you avoid accidental drops while adding a stylish touch that no compact digital camera should be without.

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Compatible with the following Nikon digital camera:

  • Coolpix A
  • Coolpix A10
  • Coolpix A100
  • Coolpix A900
  • Coolpix AW110
  • Coolpix AW120
  • Coolpix AW130
  • Coolpix B500
  • Coolpix B900
  • Coolpix L30
  • Coolpix L31
  • Coolpix L32
  • Coolpix L320
  • Coolpix L820
  • Coolpix L830
  • Coolpix L840
  • Coolpix P330
  • Coolpix P340
  • Coolpix P520
  • Coolpix P530
  • Coolpix P600
  • Coolpix P610
  • Coolpix P900
  • Coolpix P7100
  • Coolpix P7700
  • Coolpix P7800
  • Coolpix S01
  • Coolpix S02
  • Coolpix S31
  • Coolpix S32
  • Coolpix S33
  • Coolpix S800c
  • Coolpix S810c
  • Coolpix S2900
  • Coolpix S3500
  • Coolpix S3600
  • Coolpix S3700
  • Coolpix S5200
  • Coolpix S5300
  • Coolpix S6500
  • Coolpix S6800
  • Coolpix S6900
  • Coolpix S7000
  • Coolpix S9500
  • Coolpix S9700
  • Coolpix S9900
  • DL18-50
  • DL24-85
  • DL24-500
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