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Nikon School DVD - Better Pictures in 5 Minutes

Nikon School DVD - Better Pictures in 5 Minutes

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Nikon School DVD - Better Pictures in 5 Minutes with:

Nikon School DVD - Better Pictures in 5 Minutes

Easy tips for taking and sharing great pictures and movies.

The Nikon School DVD - Better Pictures in 5 Minutes features Nikon DSLR cameras and legendary NIKKOR lenses and is full of valuable tips on how to take better pictures, quickly and easily. These simple home set-ups will allow you to practice some basic photography techniques that will help you enhance your picture taking experience.

Key Features:

Share your best images, anytime, anywhere:
Half the fun of taking pictures is sharing. Using the Nikon DSLR Wireless Mobile Adapter lets you share high-quality images no matter where you are. You can upload images taken with your Nikon DSLR to your mobile device, tablet, your favorite social site or email them like any other picture on your device.

Make movies easily:
By following a few basic tips such as proper camera bracing, steady camera movement, use of VR and basic composition techniques, video clips can be more enjoyable to shoot and share.

Focus on what's important:
Learn how to easily use the various focus controls to ensure that your image will convey the meaning you want it to. Careful control of your focus can guide the viewer of your images to "focus" on what you want them to see in your images.

Draw attention to your subject:
Learn now to select the appropriate (aperture) setting that will help isolate your subject and create a dynamic image when you're photographing a subject with elements in the foreground or background. You can decide which elements remain sharp or are blurred for effect.

Shooting moving subjects:
Don't miss the moment. Learn the basics of how shutter speed selection can let you freeze the action to capture sharp images or create more blur to add to the creativity and bring a sense of motion to your still images.

Accessorize your picture taking experience:
Add a whole new level of creativity to your picture taking. By choosing additional NIKKOR lenses for close ups, zoom or wide angles, or a Speedlight for diverse lighting situations, see how you can expand your picture taking creativity.

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