Olympus Digital Camera Floating Case (Orange/Black Trim)

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Olympus Digital Camera Floating Case (Orange/Black Trim) with:

Olympus Digital Camera Floating Case (Orange)

Protect your digital camera with this soft, buoyant case.

Whether you're splashing around in the backyard pool, snorkeling in the tropics or careening over whitewater rapids, keeping your waterproof digital camera secure can be a hassle. And if you happen to drop it in the water (especially in natural environments), it's quite possible you've seen the last of your camera and all the memories contained within. But with this floating camera case from Olympus, you can rest easy knowing that your expensive camera will be well-protected from scratches and impacts, and stay afloat no matter how many times you let it slip away!

Designed for use with the Olympus Stylus Tough & Stylus SW (Shockproof & Waterproof) series of digital cameras -- although it can be used with nearly any compact waterproof camera -- this case is constructed of tough synthetic fabric and buoyant foam padding. The soft, durable material keeps your camera safe from scratches, dings and impacts, and the strong elastic closure ensures a secure, custom fit. The built-in camera strap allows any camera to be easily tethered to the case, and a quick release snap at the end of the strap makes it simple to remove and reattach.

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This case is specifically designed for Olympus Waterproof Compact Digital Cameras which include the following:
Stylus 550WP, 560WP, 1030 SW, 1050 SW, TOUGH 3000, TG-2, TG-630, TOUGH 6000, TOUGH 6020, TOUGH 8000 & TOUGH 8010

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