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Op/Tech USA Pro Loop Neoprene Camera Strap (Navy)

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Op/Tech USA Pro Loop Neoprene Camera Strap (Navy) with:

Op/Tech USA Pro Loop Neoprene Camera Strap (Navy)

A simple and extremely secure system you can trust!

The Op/Tech USA Pro Loop Strap is an absolute essential for prolonged use of a heavy camera. The patented weight reduction system makes equipment instantly feels 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable when using a Pro Loop.

The weight is evenly dispersed while the strap functions as a shock absorber to eliminate neck and shoulder fatigue. The Non-Slip Grip adds the finishing touch which enables camera gear to be safely carried slung over the shoulder. The strap loops through the connection area to form a slip knot which "falls" away freely from the camera when in use.

Key Features:

  • Comfortably carries professional cameras, DSLR cameras and large binoculars
  • Evenly distributes weight with curved neoprene pad
  • Easily supports large, heavy equipment
  • Stays in place with our Non-Slip Grip
  • Easy to attach and fully adjustable
  • Made in the USA
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