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Panasonic VW-VBT380 Rechargeable Battery

Panasonic VW-VBT380 Rechargeable Battery

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Panasonic VW-VBT380 Rechargeable Battery with:

Panasonic VW-VBT380 Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

A spare battery is an essential accessory. No power, no videos!

Increase your shooting capacity with this powerful Genuine Panasonic VW-VBT380 Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack for Panasonic digital camcorders. With a capacity of 3880 mAh and OEM quality, this VW-VBT380 will not put constraints on how you want to shoot. Plus, this rechargeable battery is Memory Free. It can be charged at any time without harm, even if it already has a partial charge, and can be typically charged over 1000 times.

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Compatible with the following Panasonic camcorder:

  • V110
  • V180
  • V210
  • V160
  • V250
  • V270
  • V380
  • V510
  • V520
  • V550
  • V710
  • V720
  • V750
  • V770
  • VX870
  • VX981
  • W570
  • W580
  • W850
  • WX970
  • WXF991
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