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Print File 25 35mm Slide Pages

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Print File 25 35mm Slide Pages with:

  • 25 Sheets
Print File 35mm Slide Pages
(25 Sheets)

Archival-safe slide storage and protection.

Print File 35mm Slide Pages (25 Sheets) are the ideal solution for preserving your 35mm mounted slides. Made from high-quality, acid-free, PVC-free polypropylene, these pages will make it easy to organize and preserve your slides, and keep them protected from dust, scratches and fingerprints.

These pages comply with all archival standards for long-term storage, and will help keep your slides preserved for years to come. In addition, these pages will fit in any standard 3-ring binder, making them a truly versatile storage solution. Each pocket has an I.D. strip to label your slides.

Each sheet stores (20) 35mm mounted slides.

Key Features:

  • High-quality, acid-free, PVC-free polypropylene
  • Complies with archival standards
  • Fits in any standard 3-ring binder
  • I.D. strip on each pocket
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