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RPS Studio Hybrid Still & Video Lighting Studio Kit (RS-4085)

with 2 28x28 Octagon Softboxes, 2 Stands, 4 Daylight Lamps, Socket Adapter & Case

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RPS Studio Hybrid Still & Video Lighting Studio Kit (RS-4085) with:

  • (2) 28" Octagon Softboxes
  • (2) Light Stands
  • (4) 70 Watt 5400°K Lamps
  • (2) 4-in-1 Fluorescent Socket Adapters
  • Padded Nylon Carrying Bag
RPS Studio Hybrid Still & Video
28" Octagonal Softbox Kit

A quick-folding softbox kit with cool fluorescent light.

This folding Dual Octagonal Softbox Light Kit is excellent for digital photography. This energy efficient, daylight balanced light kit provides twice the light of RPS Studio's standard SoftBox light kit and is capable of providing up to four times the light. As configured, the kit produces over 1000 watts of equivalent incandescent light. But, can produce over 2000 watts of equivalent incandescent light by adding additional lamps. A truly versatile kit for both still and video work when that extra "punch" of light is needed.

The kit includes 2 28" octagonal "Easy Open, Easy Close" SoftBoxes. They are a snap to set-up or close having no ribs or adapters... everything is built-in. They expand quickly and easily like an umbrella. The built-in AC 110v ceramic sockets are designed for use with fluorescent lamps. Additionally, there are two 4- in-1 adapters that allow the mounting of up to 4, 70 watt fluorescent lamps. Included are 2 six foot light stands, a heavy duty nylon equipment bag and 4 5400°K (daylight) 70 watt lamps. Note: Not for use with incandescent lamps.

4x 70W lamps included 2x 4-in-1 socket adapters included

Key Features:

  • 5400°K 70-watt fluorescent lamps are equivalent to a 280-watt incandescent lamp
  • Fluorescent lamps are low heat, energy saving
  • Light stands extend to 6 feet
  • A 4-in-1 fluorescent socket adapter is included for each softbox (560-watt maximum)
  • Softboxes expand and collapse easily for easy setup/portability
  • Includes convenient nylon padded carrying bag
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