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Sony Alpha A7 Digital Camera Body (Black) Watch Video

Sony Alpha A7 Digital Camera Body (Black)

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Sony Alpha A7 Digital Camera Body (Black) with:

  • NP-FW50 Li-ion Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • Shoulder Strap
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  • Micro USB Cable
  • Software CD
Sony Alpha A7 Full Frame E-Mount Digital Camera

Full-frame, palm-sized ALPHA. Perfection for all.

All the advantages of a 35mm full-frame image sensor and lens interchangeability are now compressed in the new Sony Alpha A7. A body of unprecedented compactness -- a dream once considered impossible -- without compromising on image quality, shooting comfort, functionality or AF performance. Whether capturing still images or HD movies, you'll enjoy what was previously only possible on larger high-end cameras. The A7 features a 24.3MP full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor and integrates Fast Hybrid AF technology, which uses both phase and contrast-detection focusing methods to accurately acquire focus in an expedient manner. This camera is also able shoot up to 5 fps in Speed Priority mode, or 2.5 fps in normal continuous mode, while reaping the subject-tracking and predictive-focusing benefits of Fast Hybrid AF.

Best of all, can't-miss moments and fast-action shots are captured with DSLR quality and speed -- all in a lightweight camera you'll want to take everywhere. The A7 is compatible with a wide section of Sony E-mount lenses ranging from high zoom to macro, so your photography is open to a world of endless creative options. Not only does the A7 take high resolution, magazine worthy photos, but it can also capture stunning HD movies in your choice of standard 60i or cinematic 24p, all at Full HD 1920x1080 resolution. If you enjoy taking photos via the tiltable 3.0" (1,229k dots) Xtra Fine LCD Display makes it easy to photograph over crowds or low to capture pets eye to eye by swinging up approx. 84-degree and down approx. 45-degree.

Key Features:

Sophisticated Image Sensor

35mm full-frame 24.3-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor
The 35mm full-frame Exmor CMOS image sensor delivers beautiful images from corner to corner and stunning 24.3-megapixel resolution that's ideal for large-format prints. You'll enjoy low noise, an extremely wide dynamic range, and amazingly rich and subtle gradations. Moreover, innovations that could only be achieved by Sony (one of the world's leading image sensor developers) reproduce details more faithfully so that every scene looks incredibly real.

Three advances in sensor technology
The exceptional performance and sensitivity of the image sensor were achieved with the help of three advances in sensor design. Light concentration technology compressed the height of circuitry to dramatically increase the amount of light collected by each pixel. Photodiode expansion technology increased the size of the photodiode at every pixel to improve the sensor's dynamic range and deliver smoother, richer image gradation. On-chip column A/D conversion converts light to digital signals with utmost precision and speed on the sensor itself before image processing and combines with dual NR to produce images of exceptional quality and clarity.

BIONZ X image processing engine
The new high-speed BIONZ X image processing engine faithfully reproduces textures and details in real time, as seen by the naked eye, via extra high-speed processing capabilities. Together with front-end LSI (large scale integration) that accelerates processing in the earliest stages, it enables more natural details, more realistic images, richer tonal gradations and lower noise whether you shoot still images or movies.

Detail reproduction technology and diffraction-reducing technology
Detail reproduction technology depicts details more faithfully with a more natural sense of dimension, while diffraction-reducing technology suppresses the effects of diffraction to faithfully reproduce fine details even when shooting at small aperture settings (large F-numbers). Together, they contribute to remarkably realistic images.

Area-specific noise reduction
Enhanced area-specific noise reduction works together with detail reproduction technology to reproduce details with a new level of clarity, especially at high-sensitivity settings. It selectively divides the image into areas based on patterns (such as edges, textures and evenly colored areas like blue skies), then applies the most appropriate noise reduction for each area to markedly reduce noise.

Supreme Operability and Reliability

Meticulously crafted controls
Controls are refined for intuitive operation and immediate adjustment of parameters while viewing scenes through the viewfinder. Shaped and placed for easy access, they contribute to a remarkably comfortable shooting experience. Despite compact dimensions, the A7 features front and rear dials for intuitive setting of exposure, a control wheel for setting ISO, and an exposure compensation dial.

Intuitive Quick Navi Pro
Quick Navi Pro displays all major shooting options on the LCD screen so you can rapidly confirm settings and make adjustments as desired without searching through dedicated menus. When fleeting shooting opportunities arise, you'll be able to respond swiftly with just the right settings.

Quick, sure operation via customizable UI
The newly developed user interface takes on many of the features of A-mount cameras to enable smoother operation and swifter progression from setting up to shooting. You can also customize various features to suit your preferences, such as by assigning up to 12 of your favorite functions to the Fn button for quicker, more intuitive access.

Easy button customization
Button customization empowers you to shoot just the way you like, with frequently used functions assigned to the customizable buttons of your choice. You can easily assign any of 46 functions to any of 9 buttons* to enjoy speedier, more intuitive operation and maximum convenience.

Liberating tiltable LCD screen
Shooting comfort is enhanced by an LCD screen that smoothly tilts to accommodate everything from low to high-angle shooting. This tilting flexibility combines with the camera's compact mobility to greatly expand your shooting options.

Robust magnesium alloy body
The remarkably compact and lightweight body is solidly built to withstand the rigors of shooting in the field. It's the ideal blend of solid reliability, steady handling and extremely low weight, thanks to a top cover and internal structure constructed of rigid magnesium alloy.

Generous grip with easy release button
Despite the camera's compact dimensions, the grip is generously sized and contoured to provide a firm, steady grasp. After long hours of capturing images, even with a large A-mount lens, the A7 feels comfortable in your hand. Every finger falls naturally on its ergonomic contours, including a deep upper curve for the middle finger. The optimal stroke and refined craftsmanship of the shutter button also increase your tactile pleasure.

Anti-dust system and coating
To keep your photos blemish free, an anti-dust mechanism vibrates ultrasonically whenever you switch off the camera to remove any particles adhering to the image sensor. An anti-static coating also helps prevent dust and other particles from adhering to the sensor when changing lenses.

Dust and moisture resistance
Carefree shooting in tough environments is yours thanks to comprehensive dust and moisture resistance measures that enhance reliability by helping to prevent water and dust from entering the body. These measures include sealing around the buttons and dials, as well as a protective double-layered structure that tightly interlocks panels and components.

XGA OLED Tru-Finder

High-contrast, high-resolution XGA OLED Tru-Finder
View every scene clearly in the bright and accurate XGA OLED Tru-Finder, which features OLED improvements and the same 3-lens optical system used in the flagship a99 despite the compact body. The viewfinder faithfully displays what will appear in your recording, including the effects of your camera settings, so you can accurately monitor the results. You'll enjoy rich tonal gradations and 3 times the contrast of the a99. High-end features like 100% frame coverage and a wide viewing angle are also provided.

Faithful reproduction of every scene
Since images displayed in the viewfinder come directly from the image sensor, they faithfully reproduce what will appear in your recorded images. You can therefore compose the scene and fine-tune every detail with remarkable accuracy instead of guesswork. Even bokeh is displayed with all the subtle characteristics that will appear in your final image. This is a decisive advantage over optical viewfinders, which display bokeh distorted by the focusing screen.

Focus Magnifier & Peaking function
Thanks to the viewfinder's XGA resolution, you can clearly magnify the image to simplify manual fine-tuning of the focus whether shooting still images or movies. The Peaking function can also be activated to colorize the most sharply focused areas of your image for quick confirmation (level of sensitivity and highlight color are adjustable).

Variable information display
The OLED viewfinder clearly displays the shooting information of your choice for quick and easy reference. You can select any of 5 display modes (Graphic Display, Display All Info., No Disp. Info., Histogram or Digital Level Gauge) by pressing the DISP button.

Innovative Autofocusing

Enhanced Fast Hybrid AF
Enhanced Fast Hybrid AF combines speedy phase-detection AF with highly accurate contrast-detection AF, which has been accelerated through a new Spatial Object Detection algorithm, to achieve among the fastest autofocusing performance of any full-frame camera. First, phase-detection AF with 117 densely placed phase-detection AF points swiftly and efficiently moves the lens to bring the subject nearly into focus. Then contrast-detection AF (Fast Intelligent AF) with wide AF coverage fine-tunes the focusing in the blink of an eye.

Performance is dramatically improved beyond that of previous Fast Hybrid AF systems through a number of major advances in high-speed contrast-detection AF, including faster communication with the lens made possible by the advanced Spatial Object Detection algorithm. Other advances include optimized image-sensor data read-out, swifter processing of AF-related data by the new BIONZ X image processing engine, and a more efficient lens drive that reduces back-and-forth lens movement.

5 fps continuous shooting with AF tracking
When your subject is moving fast, you can capture the decisive moment with clarity and precision by shooting at speeds up to 5 frames per second. New faster, more accurate AF tracking, made possible by Fast Hybrid AF, uses powerful predictive algorithms and subject recognition technology to track every move with greater speed and precision.

Eye AF
Even when capturing a subject partially turned away from the camera with a shallow depth of field, the face will be sharply focused thanks to extremely accurate eye detection that can prioritize a single pupil. A green frame appears over the prioritized eye when focus has been achieved for easy confirmation. Eye AF can be used when the function is assigned to a customizable button, allowing users to instantly activate it depending on the scene.

Lock-on AF tracking
It's easy to keep moving subjects in focus with Lock-on AF. It adjusts target frame size based on subject characteristics and makes use of a wide AF area to ensure usage of the optimal AF point for smooth, stable autofocusing. Just press the shutter button halfway to activate it. New BIONZ X ensures swifter subject tracking and detection performance than ever before.

AF area setting options
When using the Flexible Spot AF area setting, you can select a small, medium-sized or large AF area to match the size of your subject and help ensure the camera focuses on the intended area. Wide and Zone focus area settings are also available.

Advanced Movie Functions

Full HD 60p movie recording
Create movies of amazing clarity that play extra smoothly by recording them at Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) in the AVCHD Ver. 2.0 (Progressive) format -- at the extremely high frame rate of 60 fps. The A7 also supports 24p movie recording, which gives your movies a subtle look that movie lovers everywhere associate with the cinema.

Audio level display and rec level control
You can precisely control the sound level with 32-step precision using a meter displayed on the viewfinder or rear monitor. Moreover, Live (real-time) and Lip-sync settings are provided for output timing that satisfies professional needs.

Full-frame expression without the bulk
Never before have such powerful moviemaking capabilities been available in a camera this small. The unprecedented combination of mobility and functionality unleashes exciting new moviemaking possibilities. By taking full advantage of the 35mm full-frame sensor, audio production features and flexible lens interchangeability, you can create movies of breathtaking visual and sound quality with exquisite background blur, remarkably clear details, and the sensitivity to bring dark scenes to vibrant life.

The new accelerated BIONZ X image processing engine also enables area-specific noise reduction and detail reproduction technology to be applied to movies for the very first time, resulting in ultra-fine detail and exceptionally low noise. Features like Picture Effect, clean HDMI output, P/A/S/M modes and your choice of 60p or 24p recording further expand your creative options.

P/A/S/M manual movie modes
Manual operation frees you to realize your creative vision. By finely adjusting manual focus and P/A/S/M modes (Programmed AE, Aperture priority, Shutter-speed priority and Manual exposure), you can flexibly adjust background blur and manually control exposure to achieve exactly the look you seek.

Headphone jack
Professional sound production versatility and connectivity free you to create soundtracks as professional as your images. During movie recording and playback, you can monitor the sound using headphones connected to the A7. Stereo sound output is guaranteed to provide the highest possible playback quality via recommended Sony high-end headphones.

Creative Shooting Options

Multi Frame NR (Noise Reduction)
The Multi Frame NR mode is super effective at suppressing noise and lets you clearly capture dark scenes like candle-lit environments without a tripod or flash. The camera takes four shots and then composites them -- with dramatically higher speed thanks to new accelerated BIONZ X -- to significantly reduce noise and achieve sensitivity equivalent to ISO 51200 when shooting at the highest ISO setting. Camera shake blur is also lowered while contrast and detail are raised.

Auto HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Auto HDR expands the dynamic range of your images from darkest shadows to brightest highlights to capture all the tonal gradations seen by your naked eye. With one press, it instantly shoots three exposures and composites the best details from each in the highlights, mid-tones and shadows at new significantly higher speed to create a single image with wider dynamic range than any single exposure could possibly capture.

D-range Optimizer (DRO)
In difficult lighting, DRO analyzes and corrects your images to achieve smoother, more natural gradations with more detail in the highlights and shadows. When a backlit subject's face is dark, for example, it recovers details in the shadows to deliver a naturally bright image. You can use it during continuous shooting and when photographing moving subjects.

Creative Style
Creative Style settings bring out the character of your scene. Depending on your creative intentions, simply select any of 13 settings (Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear, Portrait, Landscape, etc.) and the camera will adjust color and other image parameters accordingly. You can also fine-tune contrast, saturation and sharpness to suit your preference and achieve just the right finishing touch.


Post-shooting Features

Connect to smartphones and tablets with one touch!
You can instantly transfer a photo or MP4 movie to your Android smartphone or tablet by simply touching it with the A7 -- thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication). Once a photo or movie has been transferred, you can upload it directly to your favorite SNS with ease. Touching your mobile device with the camera can also activate Smart Remote Control, which is pre-installed in the camera and lets you control the camera's shutter release from your smartphone or tablet. Setting up your mobile device for these Wi-Fi/NFC capabilities is as simple as downloading a free PlayMemories Mobile app.

Image Data Converter
Advanced features enable manipulation, conversion and management of full-resolution RAW images. You can expertly adjust exposure, white balance, tonal curves, saturation, contrast, hue and sharpness -- as well as apply DRO and vignetting compensation. Bundled Remote Camera Control software also lets you remotely activate and deactivate still/movie recording and control various camera settings from a PC.

PlayMemories for Heightened Enjoyment After the Shot

PlayMemories Home
Easy-to-use image management software installs onto Windows and Mac computers. Use it to download, view, edit, print and share photos and movies.

PlayMemories Studio
Feature-packed image management software for PS3 users. Edit and view photos and movies as well as play captivating slideshows with sound.

PlayMemories Online
A fun image sharing service for both photos and movies. Uploaded images can be viewed on multiple devices, and quality photo books can easily be created from the images.

PlayMemories Mobile
Transfer photos and movies to your smartphone or tablet PC via Wi-Fi with this free application. Available for Android and iOS.

PlayMemories Camera Apps
The exciting new application download service, PlayMemories Camera Apps, lets you add new functions to your camera's existing feature-set to heighten photographic expression according to your own creative needs. Two applications are currently available for the A7 as of Oct. 16, 2013. Direct Upload uploads photos directly to networking services and Smart Remote Control allows a smartphone to control the camera. Many more apps will become available later, including Multiple Exposure, Lens Compensation, Photo Retouch and Picture Effect+.

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Sony Alpha A7 Digital Camera

Camera Type: Interchangeable Lens Digital SLR camera
Effective Pixels: 24.3 million
Total Pixels: 24.7 million
Sensor Type: Exmor CMOS sensor
Sensor Size: 35.8 x 23.9mm (Full Frame)
Image Sizes: Max Effective Resolution:
16:9 : 35mm full frame: L: 6000 x 3376 (20M), M: 3936 x 2216 (8.7M), S: 3008 x 1688 (5.1M) APS-C: L: 3936 x 2216 (8.7M), M: 3008 x 1688 (5.1M), S: 1968 x 1112 (2.2M)
3:2 : 35mm full frame: L: 6000 x 4000 (24M), M: 3936 x 2624 (10M), S: 3008 x 2000 (6.0M) APS-C: L: 3936 x 2624 (10M), M: 3008 x 2000 (6.0M), S: 1968 x 1312 (2.6M)
Panorama: Horizontal Wide: 12,416 x 1,856 (23M) Horizontal Std.: 8,192 x 1,856 (15M) Vertical Wide: 2,160 x 5,536 (12M) Vertical Std.: 2,160 x 3,872 (8.4M)
Image Formats: RAW, RAW & JPEG, JPEG Extra fine, JPEG Fine, JPEG Standard
Movie: AVCHD / MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC (H.264))
Lens Mount: Sony E-mount
Image Stabilization: N/A
Autofocus Type: Multi Point (25 points) / Center-weighted / Flexible Spot (S/M/L) / Zone
Focus Modes: Single-shot AF(AF-S)
Continuous AF(AF-C)
Direct Manual Focus (DMF)
Manual Focus
ISO Sensitivity: Stills:
ISO 100-25600 selectable in 1 EV steps, Auto (100-6400)
ISO 200-25600 selectable in 1 EV steps, Auto (200-6400)
Shutter Type: Electronically-controlled, vertical-traverse, focal-plane shutter
Shutter Speeds: 1/8000 to 30 seconds, bulb
Continuous/Burst Shooting: Burst Buffer:
JPEG Standard (30 shots) JPEG Fine (13 shots) RAW+JPEG (5 shots)
Continuous Shooting Speed:
Continuous mode 2.5 fps
Speed Priority Continuous mode 5.0 fps
Self-Timer: 2, 10 sec. delay
Exposure Metering System: Advanced 1200-zone evaluative metering
Multi-segment, Center-weighted, Spot
Exposure Modes: AUTO (iAUTO, Superior Auto)
Programmed AE (P)
Aperture priority (A)
Shutter-speed priority (S)
Manual (M)
Scene Selection
Sweep Panorama
Exposure Compensation: Still images: +/-3.0 EV(1/3EV steps selectable)
Movies: +/-2.0 EV(1/3EV steps selectable)
Exposure Lock: Yes (AE Lock button)
Exposure Bracketing: 3 frames in 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV, 2/3 EV, 1.0 EV, 2.0 EV or 3.0 EV increments
5 frames in 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV or 2/3 EV increments
White Balance: Auto WB / Daylight / Shade / Cloudy / Incandescent / Fluorescent (Warm White / Cool White / Day White / Daylight) / Flash / Color Temperature (2500 to 9900K) & Color Filter (G7 to M7: 15 steps, A7 to B7: 15 steps) / Custom / Underwater
Flash: Optional external flash
Flash Control: Pre-flash TTL (Optional external flash)
Flash Compensation: ±3.0 EV (switchable between 1/3 and 1/2 EV steps) (Optional external flash)
Viewfinder: 1/2-inch (1.30 cm) XGA OLED color electronic viewfinder
Monitor Type: Tiltable TFT LCD
Monitor Size: 3.0 in. diagonal
Monitor Resolution: 921,600 Dots
Live View: Continuous Live View
Playback: Single (with or without shooting information, RGB histogram & highlight/shadow warning), 9/25-frame index view, Enlarged display mode (Maximum magnification L: 23.0x, M: 15.0x, S: 11.5x), Auto Review (10 / 5 / 2 sec, off), Image orientation (Auto / Manual / Off selectable), Slideshow, Panorama scrolling, Folder selection (Still / Date / MP4 / AVCHD), Forward / Rewind (Movie), Delete, Protect
Storage: Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, Memory Stick XC-HG Duo, SD memory card, SDHC memory card (UHS-I compliant), SDXC memory card (UHS-I compliant)
Power Source: NP-FW50 Lithium-ion Battery
Interface: DC Input / HDMI D (Micro) / Micro-USB / USB 2.0
Dimensions (WxHxD): 5.0 x 3.7 x 1.9 in. (126.9 x 94.4 x 48.2mm)
Weight: 14.6 oz. (416g) (with battery and memory card)
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