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SpinLight 360 EXTREME Modular System Flash Diffuser Dome Set

SpinLight 360 EXTREME Modular System Flash Diffuser Dome Set

with 2 Full Domes, 1 Half Dome, Snoot, 4 Bounce Cards, 3 Gel Disks & 1 Full & 1/2 CTO Gels

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SpinLight 360 EXTREME Modular System Flash Diffuser Dome Set with:

  • Ring Assembly
  • Snoot
  • Half Dome
  • White Full Dome
  • Clear Full Dome
  • Velcro Attachment
  • 6" Black Bounce Card
  • 6" White Bounce Card
  • 4" Black Bounce Card
  • 4" White Bounce Card
  • 3 Clear Gel Disks
  • 1 Full CTO Gel
  • 1 Half CTO Gel
  • Instruction Manual
SpinLight 360 EXTREME Modular System for Flash Photography

Produce studio-quality lighting with your on-camera flash.

The SpinLight 360 EXTREME Modular System does everything the Original SpinLight 360 does and more! With the unique Gel System you can securely attach gels while still having the flexibility to use and change modifiers at the same time. The SpinLight 360 EXTREME is the perfect, professional flash light control system for photographers. No more harsh lighting on subjects. Easily and instantly control the light's quality and direction, with the ability to rotate the bounce cards a full 360 degrees, bounce, block and eliminate direct flash light on the subject, controlling light and shadows.

The SpinLight 360 EVENT Modular System is fully compatible with the following flash units including: Nikon SB-600, Nikon SB-700, Nikon SB-800, Nikon SB-900, Nikon SB-910, Canon 480EX II, Canon 580EX, Canon 580EX II, Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT, Sony HVL-F58AM, and all flashes of similar sizes.


Key Features:

  • Fits on most standard shoe mount flash unit
  • Increases diffusion and softness of light
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Professional appearance
  • Great for close-ups, portraits and event photography
  • Minimizes the need for a flash bracket
  • Easily fits into a camera bag
  • Made in the USA
on-camera flash with SpinLight 360
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