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Vivitar DSLR Camera Raincover

Vivitar DSLR Camera Raincover

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Vivitar DSLR Camera Raincover with:

  • Drawstring Pouch
Vivitar DSLR Camera Raincover

Capture amazing pictures even in the rain.

The Vivitar DSLR Camera Raincover is a cover made to protect an SLR camera with a lens and flash attached. It protects your gear from dust and inclement weather. Designed for handheld use or with a tripod, this raincover features a transparent back panel that lines up perfectly with your LCD screen and camera controls, plus a viewfinder opening that allows you to focus and view your subject without looking through the plastic. It also features a protective sleeve for a flash with a clear plastic top, allowing you to utilize direct or bounce flash lighting.

This raincover also features a sleeve for an attached lens. For shorter zoom lenses, simply put it into the cover, tighten the drawstring around the lens, and use the velcro strap for added security. For longer lenses, a longer sleeve can be unrolled from an attached pouch, which will cover a telephoto lens up to 16 inches in length.

A large zippered opening on the bottom allows this cover to fit around nearly any tripod. Two side openings -- one for each hand -- allow you to easily control the camera. Includes a drawstring pouch for easy storage.

Key Features:

  • Protect your SLR camera with lens and flash attached
  • Protect gear from dust and inclement weather
  • Designed for handheld use or with a tripod
  • See-thru back to view your LCD screen and controls
  • Viewfinder opening
  • Protective sleeve on top for attached flash
  • Covers attached lens up to 16 inches long
  • Velcro lens strap for added security
  • Bottom zipper for tripod use
  • Hands fit into side openings
  • Includes drawstring pouch
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