One of the main problems with DSLR cameras is that the pop-up flash is typically only effective for about 10-15 feet, doesn't help with video, and only produces a direct, relatively harsh beam.  All camera manufacturers offer more powerful flash units, but they are quite expensive, and still don't address the video lighting issue, even though all DSLRs now feature video capture.

The new Precision Design DSLR400V (and DSLR400VS for early-model Sony cameras) is a high-powered, universal external flash with an integrated LED video light, at an affordable price.  With a range of up to 50 feet, plus full swivel, tilt and zoom capabilities, this flash is the ideal solution for both still photos and video.

The LED video light is built into the front panel of the flash, and can be used to illuminate low-light situations to significantly reduce noise (grain) in your videos.  It can also be used as an AF assist light when conditions are too dark for your camera to properly autofocus.

There are numerous benefits to an external flash like the DSLR400V.  In addition to having more power at your disposal (for subjects that are farther away), an external flash sits higher above your lens than the pop-up flash, which eliminates red-eye.  And because this flash tilts and swivels, you can bounce the light off ceilings, walls, white posterboard and other reflective surfaces to reduce shadows and produce far more appealing photographs.

The Precision Design 400V is a universal flash that will work with any camera with a hot shoe. It features Safe Sync circuitry to protect the camera from voltage issues. The flash can be found here for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and late model Sony Alpha/NEX cameras with a standard hot shoe.

The Precision Design 400VS can be found here for all early model Sony Alpha/NEX cameras with a multi-interface shoe.