Simple Travel Photography Tips for Everyone

Whether you’re traveling abroad or taking a short road trip, you’ll want to make the most of your time – with and without your camera. With that in mind, we offer some useful travel photography tips. Got a tip to add? Share it in the comments.

1) Pack with Your Intentions in Mind

Think about your photography goals before you leave for your trip – what kinds of images do you want to capture? Street scenes? Landscapes? People? – and pack accordingly, bringing the lenses and flashes you will need to get the photos you want.

And don’t forget the essentials! Extra batteries and memory cards are a must. The last thing you want is to pay tourist prices for a replacement battery pack halfway around the world.

2) Patience Pays

While you may want to jump into action, shooting everything in sight your first day in town, if you have the time, wait a day or two. This will help you get used to the lighting conditions particular to your location. It will also give you time to explore with full attention and open eyes, instead of constantly scanning your surroundings for the perfect shot.

When you’re used to your environment, and you know what you want to shoot, you can make much better use of your time.

3) Otherwise… Take Your Camera with You Everywhere!

That said, you should never leave your camera behind. While you might not want to hunt for shots your first day in town, you might kick yourself if the perfect shot presents itself and you don’t have your camera at the ready.

A lightweight daypack with a dedicated camera bay, like the Lowepro Fastpack series, is perfect for carrying your travel essentials and your camera in one convenient, secure place.

4) Consider a Tripod

While you certainly wouldn’t want to lug around a bunch of heavy photography equipment while you’re on the go, a good, compact tripod like this 50-inch Compact Tripod or a flexible Gorillapod can mean the difference between getting so-so shots and stellar photos, especially of landscapes and skylines.

5) Mind the Weather

While you can get great action shots of your family and the locals on sunny days, overcast days are ideal for shooting landscapes and nature. If you’re able to let your photographic adventures dictate your itinerary, stay in the city on sunny days and hit the trail on drizzly, cloudy days. On complete rainouts, check out candle-lit cathedrals and covered cafes.

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