Cameta Camera Celebrates 30 Years!

Back in 1983 — when film still reigned supreme, when “sharing pics” meant opening a shoebox full of photos, when the very idea of cameras the size of a credit card was science fiction — Bill Cameta opened Cameta Camera in the town of Amityville, New York. On the surface, it was nothing out of the ordinary… a humble camera shop with a photo lab and a modest selection of new and used equipment. But it was Cameta’s commitment to the customer experience that set it apart from other retailers. With a staff of dedicated photo enthusiasts that took the time to help customers choose their cameras and learn how to use them, Cameta earned a reputation for excellent service that endures to this day.

The original Cameta Camera store in the mid-1980s

As the years went by, Cameta grew and eventually needed to relocate. Thankfully, an available property just a few blocks away provided the ideal spot for a new home. In April 1991, Cameta moved into its current retail digs, a spiffy, red-roofed building that looked more like a cozy house than a place of business, which was quite fitting for Cameta’s neighborly relationship with its customers.

Our retail store as it stands today

However, an upgraded storefront wasn’t enough to keep up with the pace of technology. The internet soon became a driving force in camera sales, and Cameta expanded rapidly thanks to this immense new marketplace. Selling on eBay, Amazon and, the company has continued to thrive, outgrowing one warehouse after another, and eventually settling into a new company headquarters in Farmingdale, NY.

But even as the business moves forward, Cameta still maintains a strong connection with the community, buying and selling cameras, providing customer support, and making prints and enlargements from the little crimson-topped abode built decades ago. Over the past 30 years, we have been blessed to serve photographers everywhere, from our backyard to around to globe, and we hope to be there for the next 30 as we witness more exciting leaps in imaging technology.

Our current retail store being remodeled in 1991
Bill Cameta (right) stands outside his new store
The original gold lettering on the front of our new retail store
An old Cameta advertisement on the LIRR train tracks

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