Camera Academy Podcast: RAW vs JPEG

March 12, 2018 Nick

In this episode, we talk about RAW and JPEG files… what they are, what benefits each file type provides, when to shoot with each type, and more! If you haven’t taken the plunge into RAW yet, this is a great primer on what to expect. […]


Camera Academy Podcast: Focusing

February 5, 2018 Nick

In this episode (our longest yet), we discuss the wide-ranging subject of focusing, from manual to auto, single-shot to continuous, and the various area modes and extra features that make focusing such a complex topic. […]


Camera Academy Podcast: Shooting Modes

January 15, 2018 Nick

In this episode of¬†Camera Academy, we talk in depth about Shooting Modes and demystify that little dial with all the letters and weird icons on it. Auto, Manual, Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, plus those faces and mountains and flowers that sometimes make an appearance (Scene Modes, of course). […]


Camera Academy Podcast: Image Sensors

January 2, 2018 Nick

In this episode, the fellas from Cameta Camera chat about image sensors… types, sizes, etc. and how they affect your photography. From full frame to smartphone sensors, we go over each format and discuss the pros and cons, plus we ramble a little bit more than usual. Is that a good thing? You’ll just have to listen to find out! […]

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