Camera Academy Podcast: Third-Party Lenses

February 13, 2019

Third-party lenses can be a great way to save money on your photography equipment, but what are you giving up when you go with a lesser-known brand? We discuss the benefits and disadvantages of using third-party lenses, including top brands like Sigma and Tamron. […]


Cameta 101: Understanding ISO

December 1, 2017

ISO is one of three components that makes up the exposure of an image. By having a better understanding of ISO and how it affects shutter speed and aperture, you will have more control over your pictures. I’m going to break down the mysteries of ISO and explain how to […]


Cameta 101: Understanding Shutter Speed

November 3, 2017

Shutter speed is a tricky topic, but this article will give you a clear understanding of what a shutter is and different speeds to shoot at depending upon the situation. […]

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