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Canon DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone with Mini Spudz + LCD Screen Protectors + Lens Cleaning Kit

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Canon DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone with:

  • Windmuff
  • Instruction Booklet
Canon DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone

Get professional quality sound.

The Canon DM-100 stereo microphone features mono or stereo capability with an adjustable field width for getting the most out of any recording situation. Choose 90° if your subject is relatively close and narrowly focused (like one or two people); choose 120° when recording a wider or more distant subject such as a sporting event, play, etc. Use the windmuff to reduce noise when recording outdoors.

A built-in shock-mount in the stem of the DM-100 partially isolates it from sound-muddying vibrations, helping you get a clearer audio recording. It easily attaches to the advanced accessory shoe on select Canon camcorders, so there are no cords to get tangled or drag on the floor. No batteries required, this mic draws its power directly from the camcorder.


Precision Design 5-Piece Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit with:

  • Lens Cleaning Tissue
  • Lens Cloth
  • Lens Cleaning Liquid
  • Blower Brush
  • Cotton Swabs

1 Year Precision Design USA Warranty

Precision Design 5-Piece Lens Cleaning Kit

Essential items for the proper maintenance of your equipment.

It's obvious that the cleaner the lens, the sharper your pictures will be. Dirt, dust, and fingerprints will degrade the image quality of even the finest optics. However, it's equally important to avoid using incorrect cleaning materials which can permanently damage your photo equipment.

This 5-piece cleaning kit contains everything you'll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including a bottle of cleaning solution, lens tissues, cotton swabs, a blower brush, and a microfiber cloth.


Precision Design Flexible Tabletop Mini Tripod with:

1 Year Manufacturer USA Warranty

Precision Design Flexible Tabletop Mini Tripod

Portable stability for great groups shots and macro pictures

This ultra-compact tabletop tripod is the ideal solution for capturing quick group shots, self-portraits, macro images and more. The flexible legs and non-slip feet keep the tripod steady on virtually any surface, and its compact size makes it the perfect accessory for shooting clear photos and video no matter where you go!

Key Features:

  • Pocket-size convenience (only 5½ inches long)
  • Small enough to fit in a camera bag, pocket or purse
  • Non-slip rubber feet keep it in place while flexible legs allow for easy camera positioning


Precision Design Spudz Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (with Clip & Case) with:

1 Year Precision Design USA Warranty

Precision Design Microfiber Lens Cloth with Neoprene Pouch

Want to keep your lenses, LCD and other
products clean no matter where you go?

Then this 6x6-inch Microfiber Lens Cloth from Precision Design is for you! Ideal for field work, general outdoor photography, bird watching, hunting or even shooting pictures from the comforts of home, this soft cloth will remove smudges and other surface grime from your delicate optics.

The real innovation, however, is the attached water-resistant neoprene pouch that keeps the cloth dry and protected from dust, dirt and other contaminants that could otherwise lead to scratches. And for added convenience, the pouch features a simple clip that makes transportation a snap. Just attach the pouch to your keychain, belt loop or camera bag, and you're ready to go!


Precision Design Universal LCD Screen Protectors with:

  • 3 LCD Protectors
  • Squeegee Card

5 Year Precision Design USA Warranty

Precision Design Universal
LCD Screen Protectors

Keep your LCD screen clean and protected from scratches.

This package contains 3 Universal LCD Screen Protectors that can be easily cut to size, attached and removed. Each piece protects your LCD screen from scratches and wear, and reduces glare for enhanced viewing. A squeegee card is also included to make application even easier, and to reduce air bubbles. These screen protectors can be used on a variety of electronic devices including digital cameras, camcorders, cell phones, handheld video games, and more.

Key Features:

  • Prevents scratches and wear
  • Reduces glare
  • Helps to maintain LCD and product warranty
  • Can be trimmed to fit any size LCD screen (up to 5 inches diagonally)
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Compatible with all Canon camcorders, including:

  • VIXIA HF R50
  • VIXIA HF R52
  • VIXIA HF R60
  • VIXIA HF R62
  • VIXIA HF R70
  • VIXIA HF R72
  • VIXIA HF R500
  • VIXIA HF R600
  • VIXIA HF R700
  • VIXIA HF G20
  • VIXIA HF G30
  • VIXIA HF G40

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Canon DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone

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