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Canon EF Extender 2X II Teleconverter

with Rear Cap

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Canon EF Extender 2X II Teleconverter with:

Used Condition Rating:
MINT Perfect. Looks and works like it just came out of the box.
EXCELLENT Shows only the slightest use. Flawless glass.
VERY GOOD Shows signs of light use. Picture quality unaffected.
GOOD Shows regular use (scratches, scuffs, etc.) Picture unaffected.
FAIR Shows heavy use with numerous imperfections. Operational.
AS IS For parts or repair. Not guaranteed to work. Sales final. No warranty.
OPEN BOX Brand new item removed from box for demo, testing, etc.

Canon EF Extender 2X II Teleconverter
with Rear Cap

Serial Number:  150370

Condition Notes:

  • Teleconverter is in good condition
  • Includes rear cap
  • Teleconverter is in satisfactory cosmetic shape, signs of use and ware can be noted
  • Glass is clear of fungus, haze and scratching
  • As seen in photos, there are small particles of lint along the black inner lining, does not impact use

The EF 2X II doubles the focal length of the lens it's mounted to, and reduces its effective aperture by two stops. With the EF 2X II, AF is possible with any EOS body if the lens has an f/2.8 or faster maximum aperture, and compatible Image Stabilization lenses maintain the IS feature when used with any current EOS camera.


6-Month Warranty Included!

All used photo equipment is guaranteed to work for 6 months from date of purchase (except for AS-IS items). This warranty is non-transferable and is limited to repair, refund or replacement of equipment at Cameta's discretion.

This warranty covers defective equipment only. It does not cover equipment that has been damaged due to impact, sand/grit, liquid, improper use or unauthorized repair.

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