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DLC HD-DSLR Camera Video Rig Shoulder Brace Stabilizer with Microphone + Cleaning Kit

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DLC HD-DSLR Camera Video Rig Shoulder Brace Stabilizer with:

  • Quick Release Plate
DLC HD-DSLR Camera Video Rig Shoulder Brace Stabilizer

Record steady & smooth videos with your DSLR camera.

This very solid and sturdy, yet compact and lightweight DLC HD-SLR Video Rig (DL-V1) is designed to help give you smooth movies with your video-capable DSLR. The all-metal unit is fully adjustable allowing for left or right side usage. The camera position can be adjusted up or down, left or right to fit both the camera and the comfort of the photographer. The handgrip is also adjustable for either left or right hand use, and allows for full angle adjustment.

The camera mount has a quick release plate that also can be adjusted to the photographer’s preference. The length of the shoulder support is adjustable for the comfort of the photographer and, of course, the shoulder pad is adjustable.


Vidpro Mini Condenser Microphone for DSLRs, Camcorders & Video Cameras with:

  • Wind Screen
  • Bracket

1 Year Vidpro USA Warranty

Vidpro Mini Condenser with Bracket for DSLRs & Camcorders

Capture high-quality sound directly from the source.

Record crystal-clear sound with the Vidpro Mini Condenser Microphone. This mic is great for use with most camcorders that utilize a 3.5mm jack, and it conveniently connects to any camera with the included mounting bracket. The wind screen to helps eliminate wind noise and insulate the microphone from operational sounds from the camcorder.

Key Features:

  • Achieve broadcast quality audio while recording videos
  • Designed for use on DSLRs, Camcorders and Video Cameras
  • Integrated shock-mount to reduce unwanted vibration noise
  • Rugged ABS construction in a compact ultra-portable design
  • Built-in hot/cold shoe mount with 1/4" thread for tripod use
  • Includes mounting bracket for use with any camera with a tripod socket
  • Includes foam wind screen
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 4.3 x 3.0 x 0.7 in. (109.2 x 76.2 x 17.7mm)
  • Weight: 2.0 oz. (5.67g)


Precision Design 5-Piece Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit with:

  • Lens Cleaning Tissue
  • Lens Cloth
  • Lens Cleaning Liquid
  • Blower Brush
  • Cotton Swabs

1 Year Precision Design USA Warranty

Precision Design 5-Piece Lens Cleaning Kit

Essential items for the proper maintenance of your equipment.

It's obvious that the cleaner the lens, the sharper your pictures will be. Dirt, dust, and fingerprints will degrade the image quality of even the finest optics. However, it's equally important to avoid using incorrect cleaning materials which can permanently damage your photo equipment.

This 5-piece cleaning kit contains everything you'll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including a bottle of cleaning solution, lens tissues, cotton swabs, a blower brush, and a microfiber cloth.

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DLC HD-DSLR Camera Video Rig Shoulder Brace Stabilizer

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