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Fujifilm GFX 100 Medium Format Digital Camera Body

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Fujifilm GFX 100 Medium Format Digital Camera Body with:

  • Electronic Viewfinder
  • NP-T125 Li-ion Battery (2x)
  • Battery Charger
  • Plug Adapter
  • Body Cap
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Metal Strap Clips (2x)
  • Clip attaching Tool
  • Protective Covers (2x)
  • Cable Protector
  • Hot Shoe Cover
  • Connector Cover
  • Sync Terminal Cover
Fujifilm GFX 100 Medium Format Digital Camera Body

Preserve for the Future.

The Fujifilm GFX 100 is the coming together of FUJIFILM's unique blend of imaging and optical technologies and heralds the future of photography for the years to come. The new 55mm diagonal length large format (43.8 x 32.9mm) sensor, specifically developed for this camera, boasts an effective pixel count of approx. 102 million. When combined with the fourth generation X-Processor 4 processor, it delivers the world's highest level of image quality with exceptional color reproduction unique to FUJIFILM and the ultra sharp FUJINON GF lenses.

To balance image quality, FUJIFILM has designed an In-body Image Stabilization System specifically for the new 102MP 55mm diagonal length large format which gives up to 5.5 stops of image stabilization. The GFX 100 supports 16-bit RAW mode, as well as 16-bit TIFF in camera file conversion. The ultra high 100 MP+ resolution and rich color and tonal reproduction found in our FILM SIMULATION modes. Record 4K 30p video (10-bit 4:2:2 externally and 10-bit 4:2:0 internally), a world's first amongst Large Format. Adopted from the fourth generation X Series cameras (X-T3 and X-T30), a phase detection AF algorithm makes full use of 3.76 million phase detection pixels, placed across the entire sensor, to set a new standard in AF speed and precision for Large Format.

The camera body incorporates a robust magnesium alloy, and weather-sealed protection in 95 points to achieve a high level of resistance to dust and moisture. The GFX 100 inherits GFX 50S's popular detachable EVF system that can be adjusted to various angles when using the optional EVF-TL1 Tilting Adapter.

The rear panel features the main 3.2-inch tiltable LCD monitor and a 2.05-inch sub monitor, which can be configured to display various data previously displayed on the main LCD monitor. The top panel features a clear, 1.8-inch sub LCD monitor that can be viewed in all conditions (including bright sunlight) and displays information including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure compensation and exposure mode.

Additionally, the GFX 100 can accommodate two NP-T125 batteries, be powered and charged through USB-C connection, and take stills or video remotely using a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Key Features:


Tough Body:
The camera body is made of magnesium alloy, making it lightweight and very robust. The inner frame directly couples the sensor and IBIS unit with lens and lens mount to provide complete rigidity from the lens to the sensor. The engagement area between the front and rear panels has been maximized to achieve ultimate durability against external force.

Body Resistance:
The camera body is weather sealed at 95 points (including the electronic viewfinder) helping it withstand extreme conditions of dust, moisture and low temperatures. This means that the camera can comfortably handle a wide variety of shooting situations, be it shooting stills or video. This means the GFX 100 is perfectly suited to being used in a studio but also outdoors in harsher environments.


Horizontal and Vertical Body Operation:
The GFX 100 camera body has a built in vertical grip, it is the first FUJIFILM camera to have this integrated design. This allows the camera to be thinner and lighter than before while still housing a large sensor, shutter mechanism, in-body image stabilization (IBIS) and two batteries. This balanced design of the camera allows the user to instantly switch from landscape to portrait orientation.

Texture and Handling:
The magnesium alloy body, whilst lightweight and highly robust, is coated with premium colors and textures. The design and handling have been optimized based on feedback from professional photographers working in the fields of landscape, commercial and fashion portrait photography. The body has been designed down to the last detail, including the size and layout of buttons, dial designs, materials, and sounds.


Sensor / Processor / Mount

55mm diagonal length large format:
The GFX Series' use of 55mm diagonal length large format (43.8 x 32.9mm) has paved the way for ultra high image resolution. The GFX 100 delivers smooth gradation and image sharpness with the high resolution sensor. This is made possible thanks to FUJIFILM's expertise in medium format which has been gained since the days of film cameras. Experience the astonishing photographic potential possible with the 100 MP+ sensor.


Image Processing Engine:
The GFX 100 uses the X-Processor 4, FUJIFILM's latest image processing engine to quickly optimize the data from the fast, high resolution image sensor. Despite the massive amount of data involved, the processor handles it at a speed. You can also apply the Film Simulation modes to 100MP+ image data to achieve FUJIFILM's unique styles of color and tone reproduction.

The G Mount, was designed to accommodate GF lenses with 100 MP+ sensors in mind. Taking maximum advantage of the mirrorless system, the G Mount has a short flange focal distance which contributes to the camera's compact form and mirrors GF lenses' design and advanced performance. When combined with a large CMOS sensor, the system prevents peripheral light fall-off to achieve stunning edge to edge sharpness.


Image Format, Size and Aspect:
The GFX 100 allows users to capture images in various formats and image qualities. This includes uncompressed / lossless compressed RAW and JPEG formats of varying image sizes, aspect ratios and compression ratios. Its in camera RAW processing gives the option of saving 8-bit or 10-bit color depth images as 8-bit or 16-bit TIFF files. When using a 35mm format lens via a mount adapter, the camera can record images in a 36.0mm x 24.0mm frame at the center (60.8 M) as JPEG or TIFF (in camera RAW processing) formats.


Focal Plane Shutter:
The GFX focal plane shutter is specifically designed for 55mm large format, mirrorless digital cameras. With a durability performance over 150,000 shutter actuations, it combines an electronic front curtain shutter with an exceptionally quiet mechanical shutter which has a maximum speed of up to 1/4000sec. The shutter system has been redesigned for the GFX 100 to support the new 55mm diagonal length large format with continuous shooting of up to 5.0 fps. You can select from three types of shutters, including an electronic shutter, according to your shooting conditions.

  • Mechanical Shutter:
    P mode: 4sec. to 1/4000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/4000sec. / S/M mode: 60min. to 1/4000sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.
  • Electronic Shutter:
    P mode: 4sec. to 1/16000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/16000sec. / S/M mode: 60min. to 1/16000sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.
  • Electronic Front Curtain Shutter:
    P mode: 4sec. to 1/4000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/4000sec. / S/M mode: 60min. to 1/4000sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.
  • Mechanical + Electronic Shutter:
    P mode: 4sec. to 1/16000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/16000sec. / S/M mode: 60min. to 1/16000sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.
  • Electronic Front Curtain Shutter + Electronic Shutter:
    P mode: 4sec. to 1/16000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/16000sec. / S/M mode: 60min. to 1/16000sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.
  • Synchronized Shutter Speed for Flash:
    1/125 sec. or slower

In Body Image Stabilization:
The GFX 100 is a first mirrorless digital camera equipped with an in-body image stabilization (IBIS) mechanism for a 55mm diagonal length large format in GFX series. It provides precision control for the high definition images produced by the camera's 55mm diagonal length large format, which is approx. 1.7 times the size of a 35mm format sensor. This feature revolutionizes the 55mm large format camera system, unleashing its advanced performance with greater flexibility in a wider variety of shooting conditions.

  • Specification - Three-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyro sensor, dedicated dual processor
  • Image stabilizer mechanism - Image sensor shift mechanism with 5-axis compensation
  • Compensation Effect - 5.5 stops


Shock Absorption Mechanism for the Shutter:
The GFX 100's shutter has a shock absorption mechanism ideal for landscape photography, studio shooting and commercial photography, all of which are unforgiving to even the slightest of camera shakes. The shutter unit is suspended at the top, bottom, right and left and is able to absorb subtle shakes caused when the mechanical shutter is used. It also enables quicker shutter response, which is useful in a variety of shooting situations.

Ergonomic Grip:
The in body image stabilization (IBIS) and the shutter's shock absorbing structure are complemented by the grip design, which is shaped to provide added stability for hand held shooting in various conditions. It allows you to hold the camera firm and there is a better balance even when a large lens is mounted, so that you can focus on the composition of your shake free images.


Finder / Monitor

High Magnification and High Definition Electronic Viewfinder:
The GFX 100 comes with a detachable 5.76M dot EVF with approx. 100% coverage. Resolution priority, frame rate priority and AF priority can be selected in boost mode for live view depending on the subject.

EVF Tilting Adapter EVF-TL1 (Optional):
Attach the optional EVF Tilting Adapter EVF-TL1 between the camera body and the EVF will enable vertical tilt (0°-90° / 5 steps) and horizontal rotation (±45°). This allows you to shoot from waist level or aids shooting in portrait orientation.


Rear Customizable Information Monitor:
The rear panel features a sub monitor, which can be configured to display various data previously displayed on the main LCD monitor. Minimizing the amount of data that has to be displayed on the main LCD monitor makes it easy to check the overall framing and concentrate on the composition. You can choose to display the exposure compensation gauge and histogram on the sub monitor to enable exposure adjustment whilst checking the exposure level.


Multi-function Monitor:
The top panel features a clear, 1.8-inch B/W sub LCD monitor that displays the main shooting settings such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO sensitivity and exposure compensation, as well as function icons, remaining number of frames (stills) and remaining filming time (video). This display can be configured according to what information you want to be displayed. When you switch between stills and video modes, all the settings shown on this sub monitor also change accordingly, ensuring that all relevant data is available at hand.


3.2 inch Tilting LCD Screen:
The rear panel features the main 3.2-inch 2.36-million dot LCD monitor that has 100% coverage and tilts in three directions, 90 degrees upward, 45 degrees downward and 60 degrees to the right. The use of capacitive touchscreen panel allows easy framing and shooting in high and low angles, which can be difficult when using the EVF.

Colors / Image Setting

Fujifilm's Original Color Reproduction:
As a manufacturer of cameras and photographic films for many years, Fujifilm has developed the Film Simulation modes to digitally replicate the image quality of film. The GFX 100 allows users reproduce these colors and tones, despite its large image resolution, adding an artistic flair to images with exceptional quality.

  • PROVIA / Standard - Standard mode for general use that faithfully reproduces colors just as you remember them.
  • Velvia / Vivid - A combination of high saturation and natural colors, this option reproduces vivid colors ideal for landscapes.
  • ASTIA / Soft - Combining a soft effect with high saturation, this option delivers radiant skin tones and smooth gradation.
  • CLASSIC CHROME - Delivers subtle colors and beautifully muted tones, reminiscent of vintage reversal film.
  • PRO Neg.Hi - Produce portraits with sharp contrast even in flat light. This option delivers preferable natural skin tones.
  • PRO Neg.Std - Reproduces accurate, natural skin tones in portraits shot under controlled light.
  • ETERNA / CINEMA - Soft color and rich shadow tone suitable for a movie film look.
  • ACROS - Premium monochrome mode delivers fine texture, deep blacks and smoother tones.
  • MONOCHROME - General use monochrome mode that offers three filter options (Ye, R and G), just like ACROS.
  • SEPIA - Adds a warm tone across the frame for a sepia look. When applied to a retro subject, it creates a nostalgic look.

The GFX 100 offers additional photographic effects including the "Grain Effect" for replicating the graininess of analogue photos, the "Color Chrome Effect" for adding deeper tonal gradation to a subject matter with highly saturated colors, and the "Smooth Skin Effect," a new function developed for the GFX 100 for smoothing the skin tones for use in portrait photography.


White Balance Adjustment:
You can choose the white balance setting from Auto, Custom, Color Temperature and Preset. The white balance can be fine tuned in the WB Shift feature with RB color coordinates. In the Custom mode, which measures the ambient light to determine white balance, you can also adjust size and location settings and register three presets.


Movie recording

4K Movie / 10-bit Color Depth:
The full potential of the 55mm diagonal length large format in the GFX can be seen in stills and in video. The combination of the latest sensor and the "X-Processor 4" enables support for 4K / 30P video. The camera's sensor, which is larger than that of cinema cameras, produces a shallow depth-of-field, enhanced tonal gradient in 10-bit output, and greater ISO sensitivity. The 55mm large format size produces video footage with more detailed textures while reproducing three-dimensional definitions and is able to capture the atmosphere of the scene unlike anything before.

All the Film Simulation modes can be applied to video as well, including "Eterna," which replicates the look of FUJIFILM's cinema film of the same name. Furthermore, the camera supports the digital cinema aspect ratio (17:9) and compression codecs such as H.265 and H.264. You can also select the bit rate of up to 400Mbps.

Movie recording format:
With its 55mm diagonal length large format, the GFX 100 demonstrates its appeal in video recording. It uses full sensor width to record video in 4K digital cinema format in the aspect ratios of 16:9 / 17:9. The sensor area used is greater than that of cinema cameras that support a large format sensor. You can use GF lenses and adaptors to achieve a variety of videographic expressions that only large sensors can deliver, and record them in high-resolution 4K video.

Simultaneous Output to HDMI and SD card:
The high speed image processing engine, X-Processor 4, can read and output condensed video data, feeding 4K / 30P 4:2:2 10-bit data to the HDMI port and recording 4K / 30P 4:2:0 10-bit data to an SD card (when H.265 is selected) up to 400Mbps. You can also choose All-Intra / Long-GOP, etc. The processor's enhanced capability means video footage can be viewed on the camera's LCD screen as well as on an external monitor whilst you film, while feeding uncompressed data straight to a recorder.


F-Log / HLG Support:
The GFX 100 is capable of recording F-Log, characterized by a gamma curve with a wide dynamic range, and capturing video in HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma), one of the formats defined in the ITU-R BT.2100 international standards. Coupled with color information attained in 10-bit color depth, the camera records premium quality footage faithfully depicting scenes even with a large brightness range or subjects with high color saturation.

Focusing / Continuous Shooting

Phase Detection AF System:
The GFX 100 is the first GFX that features a phase detection AF system on 55mm diagonal length large format. The GFX 100 has phase detection pixels across the entire sensor and with the X-Processor 4 engine coupled with the latest AF algorithm, is able to focus on a subject at high speed with accuracy even when the subject is away from the center of the frame, even in low light.

Six AF Modes and AF-C Customization:
The GFX 100 has six AF modes that cater for all types of subject movement. The AF-S locks focus while the AF-C focuses continuously on a moving subject. These can be combined with focus area options, namely "Single Point," "Zone" and "Wide / Tracking." You can also keep six custom settings for AF-C to adjust "Tracking Sensitivity", "Speed Tracking Sensitivity" and "Zone Area Switching" according to the characteristics of subject movement.


Leaf Spring Switch Shutter:
The GFX 100 is equipped with a feather touch shutter button that responds to delicate shutter release actions. The button reacts to the subtlest movements of the finger when gripping the camera body firmly in both portrait and landscape orientations. The use of the electronic front-curtain shutter minimizes release time lag to give even greater confidence in shutter operation.


Face/Eye Tracking and Auto Focus:
Using the new sensor in conjunction with the X-Processor 4, gives an advanced level of face tracking performance. The photographer has the ability to identify and capture even easier than before, difficult subjects like a person inside profile. In the Eye AF mode, you can even specify which of the subject's eyes you want the camera to prioritize. This is particularly useful in portraiture, which commands focusing accuracy with a very shallow depth of field. The touchscreen panel or Focus Lever can be used to select which of a crowd of faces detected you want the camera to track, focus and adjust exposure to.

Burst Mode:
Continuous shooting is available in two frame rates, i.e. high speed burst at 5.0 fps (CH) and low speed burst at 2.0 fps, which can be checked in Live View. When the AF-C is selected, the GFX 100 combines it with various phase detection AF modes and face detection to shoot in bursts while tracking and focusing on a moving subject.

  • CH Approx. 5.0fps - JPEG: 41 Frames Lossless compression RAW: 14 Frames Uncompressed RAW: 13 Frames
  • CL Approx. 2.0fps - JPEG: Endless Lossless compression RAW: 20 Frames Uncompressed RAW: 15 Frames

Various Functions

Switch P / S / A / M Mode:
The shooting mode button (Fn2) on the top panel allows you to switch between "Program (P)" and "Shutter Speed Priority (S)" (when the aperture is set to Auto) and between "Aperture Priority (A)" and "Manual (M)" (when the aperture is set to Manual). These selections can be assigned to a function button of your choice in Function (Fn) Setting.

Still / Multi / Movie mode switch:
Rotate the Drive Mode Dial to switch between the Still, Multi and Movie modes. Selecting the Still or Movie mode restores the respective settings so that you can start shooting as soon as you switch, without having to adjust settings. The Drive Button allows you to adjust burst speed and video frame rate. The Dial Lock Release Button prevents any accidental use.


Buttons / Menu Customization:
Numerous function (Fn) buttons are provided at various points on the camera body allowing you to assign your preferred settings for easy access. The 16 items shown in the Q (Quick) menu and C1 - C7 can also be reconfigured to instantly access your favorite Film Simulation modes or image quality settings. The camera also supports "My Menu," where your most frequently-used items can be stored.


Six Types of Bracketing:
Six types of bracketing are available to capture multiple frames at different settings with a single press of the shutter release. This function works with both JPEG and RAW formats.

  • AE Bracketing (2/3/5/7/9 frames) - Frames: -2, -3, +3, +2, ±9, ±7, ±5, ±3 ±1/3EV - ±3EV, 1/3EV step
  • Film Simulation Bracketing - Any 3 Types of Film Simulation Selectable
  • Dynamic Range Bracketing - 100% · 200% · 400%
  • ISO Sensitivity Bracketing - ±1/3EV / ±2/3EV / ±1EV
  • White Balance Bracketing - ±1 / ±2 / ±3
  • Focus Bracketing - Interval, Number of shots, 10 step


3D Electronic Level / Histogram:
The electronic level uses a 3D system which is highly effective for architecture or landscape photography, when the accuracy of horizontal and vertical lines is crucial. Four types of histogram can be displayed: RGB and brightness, each with or without highlight warnings.


EXIF / Voice Memo:
Use the touchscreen panel to enter "Author" and "Copyright" to your file's EXIF data. Record your voice for up to 30 seconds to make notes about the images you are shooting to keep track of your shoots.


Interval Timer / Self Timer:
Sample unique shooting styles including fixed point photography, time lapse and self timer images with controls over shooting interval, total number of frames and shutter delay. The Self Timer function can be set at 2 sec. or 10 sec. The former is particularly useful for situations when you want to minimize camera shake, such as long exposures.

Wireless Communication and Pairing:
Install the free application "FUJIFILM Camera Remote" on your smartphone or tablet device to shoot via Live View and transfer your camera images to your device. The camera can also be paired with your device via Bluetooth® to automatically transfer images. Using the app you can also update the camera firmware directly.

Four Metering Modes:
The GFX 100 offers four metering modes: multi metering, spot metering, average metering and center-weighted metering. When using the spot-metering mode, the selected focus area can also be used for metering. The options allow you to adjust metering according to the surrounding environment or your subject matter.

  • Multi - Calculates exposure based on analysis of the whole frame
  • Spot - Takes a meter reading from an area occupying approx. 2% of the frame
  • Average - Sets exposure based on the average brightness of the entire frame
  • Center Weighted - Takes a meter reading mainly from the center of the frame

ISO Sensitivity:
The standard ISO sensitivity range is ISO 100-12800, with extended sensitivities of ISO 50, ISO 25600, ISO 51200 and ISO 102400. RAW format is supported at all ISO settings. The AUTO function allows you to set the standard ISO, low shutter speed limit and upper ISO limit, and configure AUTO 1 - 3 settings according to shooting conditions.

  • Still - Standard Output: AUTO1 / AUTO2 / AUTO3 (up to ISO 12800) / ISO 100 to 12800 (1/3 step) / Extended Output: ISO 50 / 25600 / 51200 / 102400
  • Movie - Standard Output: AUTO (up to ISO 12800) / ISO 100 to 12800 (1/3 step) / Extended Output: ISO 25600

Shooting Standby Mode:
In standby mode, all displays except the Sub LCD Monitor and Rear Sub Monitor turn off to save power when the camera is not in use. Choose the length of time your camera will wait before entering standby mode: 5 min, 2 min, 1 min, 30 sec., or 15 sec.

Powering the Camera or Recharging via the USB:
The GFX 100 can be powered and recharged via the USB-C port, enabling an extended shooting and removing any worries about running out of power. While traveling to a shoot or when on an outdoor shoot, you can use a USB PD(Power Delivery) power source which can power the camera or rapidly recharge the battery. If you use device with over 30W delivery, you can charge two batteries simultaneously and quickly(USB PD Rev 2.0 ver 1.3).

Battery Age:
Check the age of the batteries in the camera. Battery age is expressed as a number between 0 (youngest) and 4 (oldest).


EF-X500 (Optional):
Flash sync speed is up to 1/125sec. When using the optional EF-X500 or compatible third-party studio flash (which supports FP mode) flash sync can be as fast as 1/4000sec. (the maximum shutter speed possible with the mechanical shutter). The camera also caters to a variety of flash settings including multiple flash lighting.

H Mount Adapter G (Optional):
Enables compatibility with H Mount lenses, including SUPER EBC FUJINON HC lenses for GX645AF (discontinued), to be attached to the G Mount. It supports lens shutter operations and aperture priority AE. Focusing is manual only, but the mount features electronic contacts to generate and record lens correction data for individual lenses. A detachable tripod collar foot is included.

View Camera Adapter (Optional):
Allows you to use a 4x5 view camera on the G Mount in conjunction with old large format FUJINON lenses. This allows you to take advantage of a view camera's characteristic tilt and shift functions while using the focal-plane shutter in the camera body.


Interface for External Connections:
The GFX 100's terminal for external connections features a USB-C port for high speed image transfer, a micro-HDMI port to connect to an external monitor, a microphone input, a headphone jack and a remote shutter release connection. The camera can be powered and charged by connecting an AC power adapter (optional) to the power plug input connector or a USB Power Delivery device to the USB-C port. The camera comes with a cable protector for holding cables in place.

  • Digital Interface - USB Type-C (USB3.2 Gen1 x1)
  • HDMI Output - HDMI Micro Connector (Type D)
  • DC IN - 15V Connecter, compatible with AC-15V (optional) only
  • Remote Release Connector - Ø2.5mm, connectable with Remote Release RR-100 (optional)
  • Microphone Connector - Ø3.5mm, Stereo Mini Connector
  • Headphone Connector - Ø3.5mm, Stereo Mini Connector
  • Other - Hot Shoe, Synchronized Terninal

Software Support

You can set up a photographic workflow including tethering, RAW processing preview, RAW development and image checking by installing compatible software to your computer. This can be achieved using FUJIFILM's own software as well as traditional photo processing applications. Tethered shooting can be achieved by connecting the camera to your computer with a USB cable or setting up a WiFi connection via wireless devices. The IEEE802.11ac has been added to a list of supported wireless protocols to enable data transfer on a 5GHz network.

Capture One Pro / Capture One Pro Fujifilm (Optional) :
Capture One Pro FUJIFILM is a photographic workflow application* specifically designed for the GFX and X Series cameras and utilizing the diverse and powerful editing functions of Capture One Pro. It is available for purchase from Phase One's website. The software offers a cataloging function to manage your individual images or sessions of shooting, whilst enabling fast and precise control throughout your workflow from tethered shooting to RAW processing. The Capture Pilot function lets you view and check images you have taken wirelessly on a tablet device, etc.

This unique RAW development software from FUJIFIILM connects a computer installed with X RAW STUDIO and camera via USB cable. The processor in the camera can be used to process RAW files, including large batches of images, without any limitations or delays from your computer. Offering an optimized environment for the GFX 100, you can get complete image quality including tone, color reproduction, and Film Simulations.

Capture One Express FUJIFILM (Free Download):
This software supports RAW conversion of files from the GFX and X Series range of cameras. The software uses a unique cataloguing format to manage pictures, enabling fast processing of individual images regardless of the quantity or size. FUJIFILM's unique Film Simulation modes can be applied during RAW conversion so that you can add an artistic flair or traditional film look and feel. This RAW conversion software is available as a free download from Phase One website.

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Fujifilm GFX 100 Medium Format Digital Camera

Camera Type: Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (medium format digital)
Effective Pixels: 102 MP
Sensor Type: CMOS Bayer array with primary color filter
Sensor Size: 43.8 x 32.9mm
Image Format: JPEG (Exif Ver.2.3)
RAW: 14-bit / 16-bit RAW (RAF original format)
8-bit / 16-bit (10-bit output in 16-bit file) TIFF (in-camera Raw Conversion only)
Image Sizes: Large:
(4:3) 11648 x 8736
(3:2) 11648 x 7768
(16:9) 11648 x 6552
(1:1) 8736 x 8736
(65:24) 11648 x 4304
(5:4) 10928 x 8736
(7:6) 10192 x 8736
(4:3) 8256 x 6192
(3:2) 8256 x 5504
(16:9) 8256 x 4640
(1:1) 6192 x 6192
(65:24) 8256 x 3048
(5:4) 7744 x 6192
(7:6) 7232 x 6192
(4:3) 4000 x 3000
(3:2) 4000 x 2664
(16:9) 4000 x 2248
(1:1) 2992 x 2992
(65:24) 4000 x 1480
(5:4) 3744 x 3000
(7:6) 3504 x 3000
Movie Format: MOV (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264, HEVC / H.265, Audio: Linear PCM / Stereo sound 24bit / 48KHz sampling)
Movie Size: DCI 4K 4096 x 2160
29.97p / 25p / 24p / 23.98p 400Mbps / 200Mbps / 100Mbps up to Approx. 60min.
4K 3840 x 2160
29.97p / 25p / 24p / 23.98p 400Mbps / 200Mbps / 100Mbps up to Approx. 60min.
Full HD 2048 x 1080
29.97p / 25p / 24p / 23.98p 200Mbps / 100Mbps / 50Mbps up to Approx. 80min.
Full HD 1920 x 1080
29.97p / 25p / 24p / 23.98p 200Mbps / 100Mbps / 50Mbps up to Approx. 80min.
Lens Mount: Fujifilm G Mount
Image Stabilization: Image sensor shift mechanism with 5-axis compensation
Autofocus Type: Intelligent Hybrid AF (TTL contrast AF / TTL phase detection AF)
Focus Modes: Single AF / Continuous AF / MF
ISO Sensitivity: AUTO1 / AUTO2 / AUTO3 (up to ISO 12800) / ISO 100-12800 (1/3 step) (Movie: AUTO / ISO 200-12800)
Extended ISO 50 / 25600 / 51200 / 102400 (Movie: ISO 25600)
Shutter Type: Focal Plane Shutter
Shutter Speeds: Mechanical Shutter:
P mode: 4 sec. to 1/4000 sec. A mode: 30 sec. to 1/4000 sec.
S/M mode: 60min. to 1/4000 sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.
Electronic Shutter:
P mode: 4 sec. to 1/16000 sec. A mode: 30 sec. to 1/16000 sec.
S/M mode: 60min. to 1/16000 sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.
Electronic Front Curtain Shutter:
P mode: 4 sec. to 1/4000 sec. A mode: 30 sec. to 1/4000 sec.
S/M mode: 60min. to 1/4000 sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.
Mechanical + Electronic Shutter:
P mode: 4 sec. to 1/16000 sec. A mode: 30 sec. to 1/16000 sec.
S/M mode: 60min. to 1/16000 sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.
Electronic Front Curtain Shutter + Electronic Shutter:
P mode: 4 sec. to 1/16000 sec. A mode: 30 sec. to 1/16000 sec.
S/M mode: 60min. to 1/16000 sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.
1/4000 sec.-1/4 sec.
Synchronized shutter speed for flash:
1/125 sec. or slower
Continuous/Burst Shooting: CH Approx. 5.0 fps (JPEG: 41 Frames Lossless compression RAW: 14 Frames Uncompressed RAW: 13 Frames)
CL Approx. 2.0 fps (JPEG: Endless Lossless compression RAW: 20 Frames Uncompressed RAW: 15 Frames)
Self-Timer: 10 sec., 2 sec.
Interval Timer: Yes (Setting : Interval, Number of shots, Starting time, Interval timer shooting exposure smoothing)
Exposure Metering System: TTL 256-zone metering, Multi / Spot / Average / Center Weighted
Exposure Modes: Program AE / Aperture Priority AE / Shutter Speed Priority AE / Manual Exposure
Exposure Compensation: -5 EV to +5 EV (in 1/3 EV steps)
(movie recording : -2.0EV - +2.0EV)
White Balance: Automatic Scene recognition / Custom1-3 / Color temperature selection (2500K~10000K) / Preset: Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light, Underwater
Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11b / g / n (standard wireless protocol)
Bluetooth: Bluetooth Ver. 4.2 (Bluetooth low energy)
Flash: External only
Flash Control: TTL
Flash Sync Terminal: Hot Shoe, PC Terminal
Flash Compensation: -5 EV to +5 EV (in 1/3 EV steps)
Viewfinder: Detachable 0.5" 5.76m-dot OLED Electronic Viewfinder
Main Monitor Type: Tilting Touch Screen Color LCD Monitor
Main Monitor Size: 3.2"
Main Monitor Resolution: 2,360,000
Live View: Yes
Top Sub Monitor: 1.8"
Rear Sub Monitor: 2.05"
Weather Sealed: Yes
GPS: Not available
Storage: SD Card (up to 2GB) / SDHC Card (up to 32GB) / SDXC Card (up to 512GB) UHS-I / UHS-II / Video Speed Class V90
Power Source: NP-T125 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack (2x)
Interface: 1/8" (3.5mm) Microphone
1/8" (3.5mm) Headphone
2.5mm Sub-mini remote connector
DC in 15 V connector (compatible with optional AC-15V AC Adapter)
HDMI D (Micro)
USB Type-C (USB 3.2 Gen 1x1)
Hot shoe
Synchronized flash terminal
Dimensions (WxHxD): 6.15 x 6.44 x 4.05 in. (156.2 x 163.6 x 102.9mm)
Weight: 2.9 lbs. (1.32 kg) (with memory card and two batteries)
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