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Hoya 72mm HD3 UV Filter

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Hoya 72mm HD3 UV Filter

Protect your lens and enhance your photos.

Filling the demand for a filter for super high-resolution cameras while also offering ultimate protection for their expensive lenses, the Hoya 72mm HD3 UV Filter utilizes a multi-coating process that applies 32-layers of anti-reflective coating to the optical glass, creating a filter that is 5x sharper and a coating that is 800% harder than the award-winning HD2 UV filter.

The HD3 filter yields a light transmission rate of 99.7% and uses chemically-enhanced 4x optical UV glass, creating a top layer that is more scratch & stain resistant, and water & oil repellent, making it easier to clean smudges and fingerprints. The filter's UV properties filter unwanted ultraviolet rays, reducing haze and increasing clarity while maintaining the sharpness and clarity of the original lens.

Made exclusively in Japan, HD3 UV professional filters are manufactured with micro-precision under the strictest quality control to ensure each and every filter meets the demands of working professional photographers and their equipment.

Key Features:

  • Absorbs unwanted ultraviolet rays, reducing haze and increasing clarity
  • No additional coloration or contrast
  • Reduces dust, moisture and scratches from reaching lens elements
  • Front filter threads accepts lens caps and other filters for stacking
  • One-piece, lightweight, low-profile, aircraft grade aluminum filter frame
  • Made exclusively in Japan
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Hoya 72mm HD3 UV Filter

Filter Type: UV
Filter Size: 72mm
Glass Type: Hardened Hoya Optical UV
Light Transmission: 99.7%
Number of Multi-coatings: 32 layers
Hardened Top Layer: Yes
Anti-Static: N/A
Frame Construction: Low Profile / Aluminum
Front Filter Thread: Yes
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