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Makaw Video Perch Camera Mount Clamp with Ballhead and Quick Release

for Digital Cameras, Camcorders & Spotting Scopes

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Video Perch
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Makaw Video Perch Camera Mount Clamp with Ballhead and Quick Release with:

  • Jaw Clamp Arm
  • Ballhead with Bubble Level
  • Quick Release Plate
  • Instruction Manual
Makaw Video Perch Camera Mount Clamp with Ballhead and Quick Release

Don't just take snapshots! Take control over your composition with the Video Perch.

Turns your any object into a tripod! The Makaw VideoPerch Camera Mount Clamp provides a quality solution to smoothly and efficiently hold almost any imaging device firmly onto any surface up to 1 1/2 inches thick when a conventional three-legged tripod is useless.

The VideoPerch is an easy-to-use "arm" that allows you to mount a camera, then securely attach it to any solid surface, making the photography or video process much easier than ever before. No more hauling a cumbersome tripod, or propping on the ground and creating bad angles.

The VideoPerch allows you to position your video or still camera exactly where you want for total creative freedom. The quality construction will hold your camera in place, so you can concentrate on what is important, getting the best shot possible.

Makaw's VideoPerch is a versatile, mounting device that supports a wide variety of equipment. Weighing just 1.8 pounds the VideoPerch provides the same stability as a 45-pound tripod. With its compact size and unique design, the VideoPerch can be used just about anywhere. Mount it vertically, horizontally, even at an angle -- the handy built-in level allows you to adjust accordingly. Attaches easily to boats, trucks, cars, RV's, golf carts, etc. Also perfect for windows, tables, counters, benches, chairs, decks, and an optional utility strap allows additional attachment to trees, rocks, poles, almost anything.

Digital or film cameras (even with long telephoto/ zoom lenses), camcorders, spotting scopes and binoculars (optional binocular tripod adapter might be required) are held steady and secure while allowing outdoor / nature / adventure / surveillance photographers, bird watchers and hunters extra mobility.

The Video Perch versatile ball head with locking pin incorporates a bubble level, a quick release mounting plate for fast camera attachment / removal and is mounted onto a sturdy die-cast metal "C" clamp with cushioning to protect the mounting surface. The quick release mounting plate offers a standard 1/4"-20 threaded camera screw. In addition, a lockable adjustable hinge offers 180 degrees of side tilting to quickly position your camera or other imaging device for vertical shots.

Key Features:

Get maximum image quality
Whether you are shooting stills or video.

Extremely Sharp Pictures
Even at the shorter focal lengths and macro applications, never mind at the extreme telephoto settings where every little movement is magnified and reduces picture sharpness.

Avoid camera shake
From hand holding, and never worry about shooting at slower shutter speeds.

High Load Capacity
Provides the same stability as a 45-pound tripod yet costs four to eight times less! Supports video cameras, SLR cameras and large zoom lenses with ease

Quick-Release Photo/Video Mount
Makes changing equipment easy

360-Degree Swivel Ballhead with Bubble Level Indicator
For perfectly leveled shots at any angle

Lockable Adjustable Hinge
For vertical format photography

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