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Manfrotto BeFree 56.7" Color Compact Tripod with Ball Head & Case (Blue)

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Manfrotto BeFree 56.7" Color Compact Tripod with Ball Head & Case (Blue) with:

  • Quick-Release Plate
  • Padded Case
  • Allen Key
  • Instruction Manual
Manfrotto BeFree 56.7" Color Compact Tripod with Ball Head & Case (Blue)

Ideal tripod for the travel photographer.

The Manfrotto BeFree 56.7" Color Compact Tripod with Ball Head & Case is extremely eye-catching, portable, solid and easy to fold. It is ideal for photographers who love shooting when they travel. It's also perfect for capturing great outdoor scenery and remote landscapes.

This color version is fresh and elegant, and features distinctive graphics on its aluminum tubing. The fresh graphics make it a unique, premium-style travel tripod that stands out from the crowd.

The BeFree is easy to carry thanks to its lightweight aluminum construction. When you want to add weight, you can attach a bag to the solid hook on the bottom, increasing stability, plus you get excellent ground grip with the rubber feet. Includes a purpose-designed padded shoulder bag.

Key Features:

Compact Design with Folding Mechanism:
An ingenious folding mechanism enables the legs to fit perfectly around the head; together with the quick-release attachment it enables this kit to squeeze into a compact, easy-to-carry format. The same folding mechanism enables you to set up your tripod and its head in seconds, whether you're shooting a rare sunset or a busy street. What's more, it only measures 16.1 in. (41cm) when closed, so you can store your tripod easily in your hand luggage or backpack. It's no surprise that the BeFree is the tripod of choice for so many travel photographers.

Sturdy Construction:
With their compact and sturdy aluminum construction, this tripod and head deliver the best in terms of convenience and quality. Easily adjust your kit to achieve the perfect composition and it will keep your camera securely locked -- making wobble and blur become a thing of the past.

Strong Tripod Carries a Heavy Payload:
The BeFree carries a payload of up to 8.8 lbs. (4kg), which means it is also suitable for heavier long-zoom lenses where a sturdy tripod is essential for crisp photos. Also, with the patented leg angle selectors, you can quickly choose between two inclinations to position your camera with extreme accuracy. Three leg locks allow for adjustments to get the perfect shot.

New Graphics and New Features:
BeFree Color models with graphics have new feet with a larger bearing surface and are made with a new kind of rubber that securely grips the ground. Together with the screw hook under the column, to for attaching any extra weight required (or your carry-on bag), this color version of the BeFree is a more stable and solid travel solution than any of its predecessors.

Comes with Padded Carry Bag:
BeFree Color easily follows you everywhere and is always comfortable to carry thanks to its padded carry bag. Extra padding makes it simple to pack in your luggage and protects it from any accidental damage.

Perfect Travel Companion:
Thanks to its durable, versatile and compact design, the BeFree Aluminum Blue Tripod is the perfect travel companion for any photographer on the go.

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Manfrotto BeFree 56.7" Color Compact Tripod with Ball Head & Case

Material: Aluminum
Load Capacity: 8.8 lbs. (4kg)
Maximum Height: 56.7 in. (144cm)
Maximum Height w/o Column Extended: 48.4 in. (123cm)
Minimum Height: 13.4 in. (34cm)
Folded Length: 16.1 in. (41cm)
Weight: 3.1 lbs. (1.4kg)

Material: Aluminum
Leg Stages / Sections: 4
Independent Leg Spread: Yes, 2-Postions
Leg Lock Type: Flip lock
Leg Cross Section: D Shape
Spiked / Retractable Feet: No
Center Brace: No
Head Mount Thread Size: 3/8"-16

Center Column
Material: Aluminum
Type: Rapid
Sections: 1

Head Type: Ball head
Quick Release: Yes, 200LT-PL
Camera Mount Thread Size: 1/4"-20
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