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Purosol All-Natural LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaner (16 fl. oz.)

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Purosol All-Natural LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaner (16 fl. oz.) with:

Purosol All Natural LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaner (16 fl. oz.)

Designed for use with LCD and plasma screens.

Purosol All Natural LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaner is one of the most advanced cleaning formulas in the world. Using cutting-edge technology that is environmentally friendly, enzyme-based Purosol is the first product of its kind to clean at the molecular level -- neutralizing the bonds dust, dirt, oil, and grime use to adhere to electronic displays.

Unlike many other cleaning solvents, Purosol is completely safe and will not harm your LCD or plasma screen. This unique solution lasts longer than other solvents and is designed specifically for use on high-end electronic displays.

Key Features:

Purosol Plasma is Effective
Using the latest in surface chemistry, it breaks the molecular bonds that dust, dirt and grime use to adhere to the screen surface. Purosol Plasma is streak-free and leaves an anti-static barrier which repels dust, meaning you will have to clean your screen less frequently.

Purosol Plasma is Safe
Gentle enough for use on all flat-screen surfaces; it contains no alcohol, ammonia, detergent, or any other traditional solvent which can damage your expensive displays. Purosol leaves no residue and is free of silicone, graphite and glycerin.

Purosol Plasma is Green
Taking its cleaning power from nature itself, Purosol Plasma is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, nonflammable, sterile and completely biodegradable. It is CFC-free, VOC-free and exceeds EPA and OSHA health and safety standards, as well as exceeding standards set for the EU, Australia, Canada, Japan, and other countries worldwide.

Purosol Plasma is Trusted
Utilized by the US and Canadian militaries, national laboratories, television and computer manufacturers, research facilities, museums, and professional videographers and film editors. Purosol is trusted on the very best and valuable optical lenses in the world. Purosol Plasma was recognized with the 2007 National Parenting Award for safe products in the home.

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