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RPS Studio 3 Light Photoflood, Reflector & Stands Studio Kit (RS-4003)

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RPS Studio 3 Light Photoflood, Reflector & Stands Studio Kit (RS-4003) with:

  • (3) RS-4012 10-in. Reflector with Socket and Umbrella Holder
  • (3) RS-1100 7-ft. 4-Section Black Light Stand
  • Carry/Storage Box with Handle

RPS Studio 3-Light Photoflood Studio Kit (RS-4003)

Portable portrait lighting for professionals and amateurs alike.

High tech design in reflectors gives this RPS Studio 3-Light Photoflood, Reflector & Stands Studio Kit (RS-4003) a huge quality improvement over older style reflectors that have been on the market for years. This design eliminates concentric circles and hot spots resulting in vastly improved light quality, and thus, final picture quality. Additionally, each kit is designed with longevity in mind. The sockets are ceramic, rated to 660 watts, preventing socket failure due to overheating, even with 500 watt bulbs. The on/off switch is in the UL/CSA 2 wire line cord, away from the heat of the socket. The socket is designed to move smoothly forward and backward in the reflector giving the photographer greater control over the light width and edge sharpness.

Each reflector bayonet mounts to the ceramic socket for a secure fit... no more stripped threads. The socket mounts to the light stand via a secure umbrella adaptor that locks the head securely in place. One additional feature of the reflector is the ability to accept umbrellas.

The 4-section steel light stands are black powder coated to help prevent reflections, and rise to 7 ft. 2 in. (86”) with a 3/8-5/8 spigot with 1/4-20 male thread and secure flip locks. Each stand closes to 24” for easy transport. Locks are spring-loaded screw locks ensuring positive locking for each section. Each kit comes with travel and storage box.

Key Features:

  • 10-inch aluminum reflector bayonet mounts to adjustable ceramic lamp socket.
  • Rated at 660 watts. UL/CSA 2 wire cord inline on/off switch.
  • E-27 Socket allows use of a variety of bulbs, including BBA, BCA, EBV, EBW, ECA.
  • Adjustable hinged mount is compatible with most umbrellas and light stands using a 3/8" threaded post with 5/8" diameter spigot
  • Steel stands with flip type positive locking levers to secure each section
  • Light stands extend from 25" to 86" in height with 30" leg spread
  • Reversible 1/4x20 threaded post or 3/8" threaded post with 5/8" diameter spigot mount
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