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RPS Studio 540 Watt/Second SB-180 Monolite Studio Kit (RS-SB/SLK3)

3 Strobes, 3 Umbrellas, 3 Stands, PC Cords, Infrared Trigger & Case

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RPS Studio 540 Watt/Second SB-180 Monolite Studio Kit (RS-SB/SLK3) with:

  • (3) SB-180 Monolites
  • Wireless Transmitter
  • (2) 36" White Umbrellas
  • (1) 36" Silver Umbrella
  • (3) Aluminum 3-section Light Stands
  • Padded Carrying Bag
RPS Studio SB-180 Monolite Studio Kit (RS-SB/SLK3)

Portable portrait lighting for professionals and amateurs alike.

Studio photographers have long relied on strobe lights, such as the SB-180 Monolite in this kit, for photographic lighting in the studio. This type of photography lighting produces much less heat than is generated by "hot" or continuous photoflood lights. Also, strobe light has the benefit of consistent color temperature, stopping action, and the necessary intensity to bring out the full spectrum of color. When combined with umbrellas, strobe lights provide soft, natural lighting that enhances portraits, fashion, or product photography giving the photographer greater control over both the technical and creative aspects of the image making process. RPS Studio has designed this affordable entry level studio kit to enables the photographer to hone his skills while creating professional quality photographic images.

The RPS Studio Portable Monolite Kit features three 180 watt/second (w/s) monolites for a total power output of 540 w/s that are adjustable from full down to 1/8th power. Each monolight has a built-in modeling light that "tracks" the power setting of the flash tube so that the photographer can see the changes in light ratio as he sets up his shot. The modeling lights can also be turned off if the photographer wishes. The ready indicator for when the monolights have fully recycled is both audible and visual. If desired, the audible indicator can be turned off.

Additionally, the SB-180 Monolites have a built-in slave cell that allows them to be flashed with the another flash unit or the wireless transmitter included in this kit. This transmitter attaches to the camera's hot shoe and allows firing the monolights without the need for PC cords between the camera and the flash heads. This keeps the studio free of a lot of messy cords. The wireless trigger runs on 4 AA batteries and will not harm the sensitive circuitry of digital cameras. If desired, 3.5mm to pc cords do come with the kit if the photographer wishes to use a pc connection. Of course, each monolight has a test button.

This kit comes with two 36" white umbrellas and one 36" silver umbrella that slide into a holder just under the flash head. Also included are three 6'6" aluminum 3-section light stands that feature secure and quick acting flip locks. Each stand has a 5/8" spigot. Finally, everything fits neatly into a heavy duty, and heavily padded nylon storage bag with adjustable dividers that features a side pocket for small accessories. The bag can be carried via the hand grip or shoulder strap.

Key Features:

  • Three 180-watt/second (w/s) monolites for a total power output of 540 w/s
  • Built-in modeling light that "tracks" the power setting of the flash tube
  • Wireless trigger allows monolites to be fired without messy cords
  • Three umbrellas (two white, one silver) for perfect three-point lighting
  • Includes padded carrying case
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