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SeaLife SL051 0.75x Wide Angle Conversion Lens for DC2000 Camera with Lens Caddy + Extension Pod + Silica Gel Kit

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SeaLife SL051 0.75x Wide Angle Conversion Lens for DC2000 Camera with:

  • 52mm DC Adapter
  • Neoprene Lens Cover
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Instruction Manual
SeaLife SL051 0.75x Wide Angle Conversion Lens

Get close, and fit everything into the shot.

The SeaLife SL051 0.75x Wide Angle Conversion Lens will increase the field-of view by 33% allowing underwater photographers to get closer to the subject and still fit everything into the frame.

The 0.75x lens design uses high grade 2-element optical glass components that deliver crisp edge-to-edge sharpness. All internal optical elements are fully multi-coated to prevent glare and maximize light transmission. Its front element also has a scratch-resistant hard coating for protection against sand and debris.

The wide angle conversion lens compensates for the magnification effect (refractive index) of water, increasing your underwater field of view.

The lens fits all SeaLife DC-series cameras and all other cameras with a 52mm thread mount, and includes a 52mm DC adapter ring (SL977). Easily attach and remove the lens both on land and underwater. The SeaLife 0.75x Lens is waterproof to 164 feet (50m) and only weighs 155 grams making it travel friendly and easy to handle underwater.


SeaLife SL090 Lens Caddy for DC Series Lenses with:

1 Year Sealife USA Warranty

SeaLife SL090 Lens Caddy for DC Series Lenses

Holds all SeaLife DC camera lenses.

The SeaLife Lens Caddy mounts any SeaLife DC-series lens to the camera tray (sold separately) using a standard 1/4-20 tripod screw or to any grip / arm up to 1.8" (45mm) in diameter using a sturdy hook-and-loop nylon strap. The lens securely pressure grips onto the Lens Caddy underwater or on land, the same way lenses attach to the lens port of your SeaLife camera.

The compact, lightweight Lens Caddy holds lenses weighing up to 21 oz. (590g). The Lens Caddy is constructed of durable polycarbonate material and a stainless steel mounting screw. It includes 2 lanyard connection points to securely attach a lens lanyard.



Intova Underwater Waterproof Flexible Extension Pod with:

1 Year Intova USA Warranty

Intova Underwater Waterproof Flexible Extension Pod

Get any angle with this hands-free flexible monopod.

The Intova Underwater Waterproof Flexible Extension Pod is the most unique and flexible mounting option on the market. The Intova Pod can twist around a branch, railing, beam or many other support options. It can be used as a unipod, or straightened and with the foam handle and wrist strap used as an extension pole.

Safe to use in any environment, even underwater, the Intova Pod features a standard tripod mount and flex arm head which can be attached to cameras, flashlights, video lights and more. Requires optional adapter to mount flashlight or video light.

Key Features:

  • Secure camera to pole, branch or rail
  • Use as extension pole with foam handle
  • Features standard 1/4" -20 mount
  • Made with waterproof material
  • Bright wrist strap


Silica Gel Desiccant Packets (15 Pack) with:

1 Year Precision Design USA Warranty

Silica Gel Desiccant Packets
(15 Pack)

Absorbs moisture to keep your valuables dry.

These Silica Gel Desiccant Packets will help prevent condensation from forming inside of your valuable electronics and cameras. Condensation will form in a underwater housing when you take it from warm air to cooler water. Use inside an airtight storage case or container to create a perfect dry environment for your valuable items.

Each package contains fifteen (15) 1 gram packets containing silica gel beads. When the gel turns from white to yellow, full absorption has been reached. The packets can also be reactivated after full absorption, simply by microwaving the packets for 7-12 minutes on the defrost setting.

Key Features:

  • Creates a dry storage environment
  • Eliminates mildew, corrosion and fogging
  • Perfect for underwater camera housings
  • Contains fifteen (15) 1 gram packets


Precision Design 5-Piece Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit with:

  • Lens Cleaning Tissue
  • Lens Cloth
  • Lens Cleaning Liquid
  • Blower Brush
  • Cotton Swabs

1 Year Precision Design USA Warranty

Precision Design 5-Piece Lens Cleaning Kit

Essential items for the proper maintenance of your equipment.

It's obvious that the cleaner the lens, the sharper your pictures will be. Dirt, dust, and fingerprints will degrade the image quality of even the finest optics. However, it's equally important to avoid using incorrect cleaning materials which can permanently damage your photo equipment.

This 5-piece cleaning kit contains everything you'll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including a bottle of cleaning solution, lens tissues, cotton swabs, a blower brush, and a microfiber cloth.

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SeaLife SL051 0.75x Wide Angle Conversion Lens

Lens Mount: For SeaLife DC-series cameras
Optical Construction: 2 elements / 2 groups
Angle-of-View: DC2000: Increases field-of-view from 46 degrees to 61 degrees
DC1400: Increases field-of-view from 61 degrees to 81 degrees
Optical Coatings: Internal optical surfaces fully multi-coated with anti-reflective coating
Magnification Ratio: 0.75x
Attachment Method: Push-on lens ring attaches to all SeaLife DC cameras while underwater or 52mm threads attaches to UW housings with 52mm thread mount
Focus Range: Maintains camera's focusing range
Depth: 164 ft. (50m)
Buoyancy: Negative
Dimensions (DxL): 4.1 x 1.6 in. (105 x 41mm) (lens only)
Weight: 5.5 oz. (155g) (lens only)

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SeaLife SL051 0.75x Wide Angle Conversion Lens for DC2000 Camera

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