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Sony 64GB G Series XQD Flash Memory Card

Read: 440MB/S Write: 400MB/S

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Sony 64GB XQD G-Series Memory Card

Shoot 4K video and store more pictures at blazing-fast speeds!

More memory means more pictures, and you'll be able to store thousands of high-quality photos and videos with this super-fast (400 MB/sec.) 64GB XQD memory card. XQD features high data transfer speeds, allowing you to capture images and 4K video faster than with a standard memory card. Sony XQD G-Series cards allow you to continuously shoot up to 200 frames in RAW format. Now you can shoot faster, capture super-smooth digital video, and take full advantage of your camera's maximum image quality and resolution settings.

Approximate Storage Capacity (64GB):

8,300 JPG photos
(22MP / 6.6MB)
830 RAW photos
(22MP uncompressed / 66MB)
950 minutes of HD video
(9Mbps - HD standard)

Key Features:

Get the Most of Burst Shooting
With blazing fast writing speed to leverage the maximum performance of camera, XQD cards enables continuous shooting of up to 200 RAW images. With a shorter buffer clearing time, XQD cards can keep up with the shooting speed of the camera,you will capture more decisive moments in multiple bursts of continuous shooting.

Dependable 4K Video Recording
Featuring a newly developed controller and a unique "EB Stream" function enabling stable high frame 4K video recording while avoiding speed degradation. One of Sony's unique strengths as a manufacturer of both hardware devices and memory cards is that it conducts multiple and strict compatibility tests, particularly for Sony devices, in order to achieve high quality and reliability.

Fast Data Transfer to PC
XQD USB adapters and XQD/SD card readers supporting SuperSpeed USB 3.1 (Gen 1) interface, dramatically reduce data backup time for a more efficient work flow even for large quantity of RAW images or data-intensive 4K video files.

Extremely Durable Shell Structure
XQD Memory Cards are designed with recessed contact pins which protect them from damage, dust or electrostatic shock. With the compatible devices also designed to protect contact pins and avoid inserting card in the wrong direction, it provides a more reliable use even in harsh environments. Furthermore, Sony's XQD cards improve durability with increased shell strength thanks to its unique technology.

Reliability for Professional Use
Sony's XQD memory cards are shockproof, magnet proof, anti-static and resistant to breakage, and offer full performance even in extreme temperatures, under exposure to intense UV light and airport X-rays machines. Designed for prolonged professional use, Sony XQD cards are tested for dependable storage, wherever you need to shoot.

File Rescue Software for Download
Sony's File Rescue software helps recover photos and videos that have been accidentally damaged or deleted. Applying an advanced algorithm, it realizes a higher rate of recovery for RAW image, MOV files and 4K XAVC-S video files captured on both Sony and Nikon devices.

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Sony 64GB G Series XQD Memory Card

Capacity: 64GB
XQD Interface: ExpressCard / 34 PCI Express Gen.2 (5Gbps)
USB 3.0 (Super Speed)
Operating Temperature: -13°F to 149°F (-25°C to 65°C)
Read Speed: 440MB/s *
Write Speed: 400MB/s *
Dimensions (Approx.): 29.6 x 38.5 x 3.8mm
Weight (Approx.): 10g
* Based on Sony internal testing. Transfer speeds vary and are dependent on host devices, the OS version, and usage conditions.
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