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Sony Alpha HVL-F45RM Radio-Control Wireless Flash with Video Light

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Sony Alpha HVL-F45RM Radio-Control Wireless Flash with Video Light with:

  • Terminal Protector Cap
  • Mini-Stand
  • Carrying Case
Sony Alpha HVL-F45RM Wireless Flash with Video Light

Powerful yet compact.

Supply powerful lighting with the compact, high-performance Sony Alpha HVL-F45RM Radio-Control Flash with Video Light. Explore freedom of built-in wireless radio control in multi-flash settings and conventional optical wireless communication. Easy operation, excellent reliability, expert results -- especially for enthusiasts of compact a E-mount interchangeable-lens cameras.

Perfect for movies and stills, the built-in LED light helps to control natural light. Count on reliable flash even in challenging outdoor conditions with specially designed seals at joints around the durable body to keep out dust and moisture.

Key Features:

High-Power Compact Flash:
This dramatically downsized compact lightweight clip-on flash with guide number (GN) 4511 is best suited to use with the a7 series. The flash supplies powerful output even for bounce lighting, recycling only takes approx. 2.5 seconds, and stamina in performance delivers up to approximately 210 bursts.

Built-In Wireless Radio Control:
Use this flash with a compatible camera, for multi-flash shooting, even under strong sunlight or from relatively distant locations thanks to its radio-controlled system. HVL-F45RM can be either wireless commander or receiver. As a commander, HVL-F45RM supports up to 15 units of compatible flashes or receivers in up to 5 groups, for connecting with remote units at up to 98 feet. It also works with optical wireless communications.

Radio-control connection with various types of off-camera units Wireless control of up to 15 units in up to 5 groups

Bounce Head for Flexible Lighting:
HVL-F45RM bounce head for flexible lighting rotates 360° horizontally (180° in both left and right directions) and also tilts 150° upward and 8° downward, providing the illumination you want depending on shooting situations.


Customizable Key Assignment:
Key customization function allows easy assignment of frequently used features for quick operation. Customizable settings include lighting compensation level and flash output level. Customizable keys are highlighted in red.

Tab-Structure Menus:
You'll enjoy effortless operation of flash features. Tab-structure menus on the LCD screen are the same as those on the camera body for fast access and intuitive use.

Quick Navi:
Sony's Quick Navi control interface provides easy, intuitive access to lighting parameters via one easy press of the 'Fn' button. Everything you need to know is right there on the screen and accessible using a few buttons and the control wheel, thereby minimizing the necessary operations required to adjust settings before you shoot.

LED Light:
Cool running and energy efficient, the LED light enables you to create natural lighting and shadows for both movies and stills.

Dust and Moisture-Resistant Design:
Count on reliable flash even in challenging outdoor conditions with specially designed seals at joints around the durable body to keep out dust and moisture. This is a particular bonus in outdoor usage where you have no control over various factors including wind and environmental dust.

High-Speed Sync (HSS):
Take advantage of synced flash with high-speed shutter. Whereas conventional sync shooting requires that the shutter speed be the same or slower than the synced flash speed, the aperture would be narrowed, making it difficult to get background bokeh effects. But with high-speed sync (HSS) you can use flash with any shutter speed, even up to the highest shutter speed provided by the camera. This allows you to increase the aperture as needed to create a narrow depth of field that keeps your subject in perfect focus while the background blurs, for beautiful portraits. Wireless high-speed sync is also possible with compatible cameras.

Through-the-Lens (TTL) Wireless Flash:
Even when performing wireless flash shooting, flash output can be determined based on accurate measurement of the amount of light through the lens. Since you can freely change the position and direction of the flash unit exactly as you want, it's possible to soften intense shadows and suppress blown highlights when shooting a subject from right in front (of the subject), or add soft shadows that emphasize a sense of depth and presence. Wireless flash ratio control is available.

Test Flash Mode:
The test flash mode enables you to check shadows on the subject before taking photos, and also to check the light level using an external flash meter, which is essential for studio photography. The light level of the test flash depends on the light level setting in manual flash (M) mode, and the flash unit fires with a light level of 1/1 in through-the-lens (TTL) mode.

Advanced Distance Integration (ADI):
ADI provides automatic metering that is virtually unaffected by the reflectance of subjects or backgrounds, maintaining correct exposure even with overly reflective or overly dark subjects. It pre-flashes the unit to incorporate the reflected light measurement, together with precise distance information from a compatible camera's lens, to achieve the optimum flash level.

Auto Zoom Control Optimized for Image Sensor Size:
This flash unit automatically selects the appropriate flash coverage for the focal length of the lens on the attached camera within the range from 24 mm to 105 mm. This function also adjusts the flash zoom to match the camera's image sensor size, minimizing light fall-off at the image periphery. The flash coverage required for cameras using 35 mm full-frame and APS-C size image sensors differs substantially, and this intelligent function automatically provides the optimum flash coverage for each.

Multi/Micro USB Port:
This flash features Multi/Micro USB port for supporting software update to the latest version via connected PC.

Auto White Balance Adjustment:
Color temperature varies according to the environment you're shooting in, and the color temperature of a flash should match that of the ambient light to look natural. With this intelligent function, color temperature information is transferred from the flash unit to the camera for correct white balance setting, to help you capture more natural-looking color reproduction in flash photography.

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Sony Alpha HVL-F45RM Radio-Controlled Flash with Video Light

Type: Shoe mount
Guide Number: 147.64 ft. (45m) ISO100 at 105 mm position
Coverage: 15 mm - 105 mm (Full frame)
Exposure Control: ADI / P-TTL, Manual
Bounce Head: -8° to +150°
Swivel Head: 360°
Recycling Time: Approximately 0.1 - 2.5 seconds
Power Source: 4x AA Alkaline, Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
Display: LCD screen
Dimensions: 2.7 x 4.5 x 3.5 in. (69.4 x 113.7 x 88.3mm)
Weight: 11.2 oz. (317g)
Other: • Wireless Channels: 14
• Wireless Groups: 5
• Dust and Moisture Resistant Design

Fully Compatible with the following Sony digital cameras, including:

Alpha SLT-A58
Alpha SLT-A68
Alpha SLT-A99
Alpha SLT-A99 II
Alpha A77 II
Alpha A7
Alpha A7 II
Alpha A7 III
Alpha A7R
Alpha A7R II
Alpha A7R III
Alpha A7R IV
Alpha A7S
Alpha A7S II
Alpha A9
Alpha A9 II
Alpha A3000
Alpha A6000
Alpha A6100
Alpha A6300
Alpha A6400
Alpha A6500
Alpha A6600
Alpha NEX-6
Cyber-Shot DSC-RX1
Cyber-Shot DSC-RX1R
Cyber-Shot DSC-RX1R II
Cyber-Shot DSC-RX10
Cyber-Shot DSC-RX10 II
Cyber-Shot DSC-RX10 III
Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 II
Cyber-Shot DSC-HX50V
Cyber-Shot DSC-HX400V


Compatible models with full support for Sony's radio control wireless lighting system, including:

Alpha A7 III
Alpha A7R II
Alpha A7R III
Alpha A7R IV
Alpha A7S II
Alpha A9
Alpha A6500
Alpha A99 II
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