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Sony ECM-CG60 Shotgun Microphone

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Sony ECM-CG60 Shotgun Microphone with:

  • Wind Screen
  • Mic Holder with Cold Shoe
Sony ECM-CG60 Shotgun Microphone

Record audio with unrivaled sensitivity and accuracy .

The high-performance Sony ECM-CG60 Shotgun Microphone is a monaural microphone with supercardioid directivity that improves targeting of sound. It picks up the sound you want without the distractions of the surrounding noise. It is more compact and approximately 15% shorter than the ECM-CG50 model.

The included microphone holder absorbs zooming noise from the camera. The 3.5mm gold coating L type stereo mini plug cable measures approximately 13.9 inches. The ECM-CG60 uses plug-in power (with compatible cameras) or a single AAA alkaline battery, for long days of outdoor shooting. This microphone can be used on all camcorders, mirrorless ILCs and DSLRs that have a 3.5mm mini audio input jack.


Key Features:

Pro-quality performance
Enjoy rich, smooth sound quality with an extended frequency response, low noise and wide dynamic range. More compact and approx. 15% shorter than the previous model (ECM-CG50), the ECM-CG60 is convenient for shooting movies with compact cameras, camcorders and interchangeable-lens cameras without entering the frame.

Sound that pinpoints your subject
Your camera or camcorder's built-in microphone can struggle to pick up clear dialogue and foreground sounds. This high quality "shotgun" type mic focuses on sounds in a narrrow (supercardioid directivity) pattern in front of the camera to isolate direct sound sources.

Supercardioid Directional Pattern

Wide compatibility and easy mounting
Built for cameras and camcorders that use a 3.5mm mini audio output jack, this microphone is also supplied with a shoe adaptor that attaches directly to your camera or camcorder's standard accessory shoe.

More audio, less noise
Enjoy far better results than your camera or camcorder's built-in microphone. The low cut mode reduces unwanted low frequencies, while the mounting isolator cuts distracting mechanical noise from the camera and lens. There's also a supplied windshield that reduces noise in gusty conditions outdoors.

Normal or Low Cut
The ECM-CG60 features a convenient switch which can select between NORM: for picking up natural sound within low-to-high tone range or LOW CUT: for effectively cutting low tones to reduce wind noise and noise from vibration and air conditioners.

Power Options
The ECM-CG60 has two options for power; AA alkaline battery or the camera's battery via MIC input jack. There's a convenient battery check lamp that momentarily lights up when sliding the switch from OFF to ON to indicate that there is remaining battery power when powered by an alkaline battery.

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Sony ECM-CG60 Shotgun Microphone

Type: Electret Condenser
Power Supply: AAA alkaline or plug-in power
Power Consumption: Approx. 0.5 mW
Operating Time: Continuous: 400 hours or more
Frequency Response: 40 Hz to 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 48 dB/Pa ±4 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 18 dB spl. average
Max Input Sound Level (SPL): 100 dB
Dynamic Range: 80 dB
Output Jack: 3.5 gold coating L type stereo mini-plug
Cable Length: 13.9 in. (35cm)
Dimensions (L x D): 8.5 x 0.8 in. (217 x 21mm)
Weight: 2.7 oz. (77g) (without battery)
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