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Sony RM-P1BT Bluetooth Wireless Remote Commander

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Sony RM-P1BT Bluetooth Wireless Remote Commander

Take control of your shooting.

The Sony RMT-P1BT Wireless Remote Commander with Bluetooth wireless technology provides a reliable, responsive solution for imaging enthusiasts that want to precisely control their camera during landscape shooting, architectural photography, astrophotography, still motion photography, group portraits and more.

The RMT-P1BT wireless remote commander operates via Bluetooth connectivity, eliminating the need for wires, cables or receivers to connect the remote directly to the camera. The remote features an extremely fast response, within approximately 0.05 seconds release time-lag, that ensures the shutter can be released with precise accuracy. There is also an LED light that indicates operating status to camera by flashing or lighting continuously.

Additionally, the remote is designed to resist dust and moisture plus hot and cold temperatures, offering reliable operation in a wide variety of environments and weather conditions. To maximize control over camera functionality, the RMT-P1BT features focus buttons for manual control over subtle focus changes, a remote C1 custom button that can be adjusted based on users preferences. It also includes Start/Stop movie recording and control over power-zoom or digital-zoom functionality, making it the ideal accessory for remote movie shooting.

Key Features:

BLUETOOTH wireless technology:
Bluetooth communication provides reliable remote control even in bright sunlight or when there are obstacles between the commander and the camera. Bidirectional communication allows additional functionality that would not be available with a transmit-only device, such as status indication right on the remote.

Professional reliability:
The RMT-P1BT provides the type of reliable operation that is essential in professional working environments, with solid Bluetooth connectivity and positive, responsive button control. Because communication is wireless rather than optical, full reliability and response are available even in situations where the line of sight is obscured.

Clear visual feedback:
A high-visibility indicator LED flashes or lights continuously to show shutter, movie recording and AF status. This is an obvious advantage in situations where the operator does not have direct access to the camera being controlled.

Precise control for efficient shooting:
Precise button operation with clear tactile feedback combines with a refined ergonomic design to provide sure, responsive control. The commander itself is designed to be easy to hold and operate, contributing to smooth, error-free operation.

Comprehensive control:
Essential camera controls are provided: focus buttons for precise control of even subtle focus changes, a lock switch that prevents accidental operation during transport, movie recording start/stop and power/digital zoom. There are also two custom buttons that mirror the functions of the C1 and AF-ON buttons on the camera body.

Ideal for challenging environments:
The RMT-P1BT works with the camera's built-in Bluetooth receiver, so no wired connection or add-on receiver is required. Camera connector covers can remain closed for maximum protection against dust and moisture, adding to high overall system reliability.

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Sony RM-P1BT Bluetooth Wireless Remote Commander

Release Type: Wireless: Bluetooth
Communication: Bluetooth Standard Ver. 4.2 (2.4 GHz band)
Coverage: 360°,
Range: 16.4 ft. (5m)
Dimensions (WxHxD): Approx. 1 5/16 x 4 5/8 x 5/8 inches (33 x 116.5 x 15mm)
Weight: Approx. 1.3 oz. (35g) without the battery
Additional: Dust and moisture resistance

Compatible with the following Sony cameras that use Bluetooth Technology, including:

Alpha A7 II
Alpha A7R III
Alpha A7R IV
Alpha A9
Alpha A6400

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