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VGear DSLR Camera / Video Professional Stabilizer

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VGear DSLR Camera / Video Professional Stabilizer with:

  • Quick Release Plate
  • (4) Counterweights
  • Carry Case
VGear DSLR Camera / Video Professional Stabilizer

Shoot longer and "fly" for hours without fatigue.

The VGear DSLR Camera / Video Professional Stabilizer is a lightweight stabilizing system created for DSLR cameras or camcorders weighing up to 6.6 pounds. This compact handheld system takes away the need for tripods or dollies, giving videographers the ability to create smooth videos while the camera is in motion. It features a camera platform with both X and Y adjustments, and multiple mount holes for various camera positions. The weight plate contains four counterweight discs to balance your camera on the stabilizer. These can be added or removed based on your need. The weights are fastened on the weight plate with a 1/4" screw.

The back-and-forth, side-to-side moving camera platform allows for a quick adjustment of horizontal balance while the discs on the base platform adjust the camera's vertical balance. When properly balanced, the camera floats, and the stabilizer is ready to use. The VGS52 can be extended from 21- 32 inches to adapt to the weight of the camera. This system is especially handy for use with video-capable DSLR cameras as well as camcorders.


Key Features:

  • For video-capable DSLR cameras and camcorders weighing up to 6.6 lbs.
  • Padded handle grip with precision bearings
  • Gimbal joint with 360° rotation
  • Allows high and low angle shooting
  • Easy adjustment controls with easy release camera plate
  • Camera mounting plate has 1/4" and 3/8" mounting holes
  • Four counterweight discs to better balance your camera
  • Aluminum construction with black powder coating
  • Load capacity: 6.6 lbs. (20kg)
  • Max. Height: 32 in. (81cm)
  • Min. Height: 21 in. (53cm)
  • Center post: 3/4 - 1/2" diameter
  • Weight: 5.8 lbs. (2.6kg)
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