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VisibleDust SwabLight for DSLR Sensor Cleaning

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VisibleDust SwabLight for DSLR Sensor Cleaning with:

  • (3) LR44 Batteries
  • Wrist Strap
VisibleDust SwabLight for DSLR Sensor Cleaning

See exactly what you're cleaning!

VisibleDust SwabLight is the world's first innovative and unique product to enhance and facilitate the DSLR sensor cleaning technique. Since the sensor of digital camera is buried deep inside the chamber wall and covered with a dark surface to prevent lights from bouncing off, it can be very difficult for the operator to position the swab exactly along the sensor edges, avoiding contamination by accidental contact with chamber walls. The SwabLight attaches directly to VisibleDust sensor swabs (sold separately) and provides strong, bright light that shines directly into the sensor chamber, providing enough illumination for careful cleaning.

In addition, most swab handles are made thin and difficult to properly manipulate. The SwabLight provides a better grip on swab handles, which results in more uniform pressure and movement for streak-free cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Firmer swab grip for a proper movement and pressure for streak-free results
  • Better positioning on the sensor for easier edge-to-edge sensor cleaning
  • Clearer view of the sensor surface during sensor cleaning

Above all, using SwabLight from VisibleDust lessens the anxiety associated with self sensor cleaning, enhancing efficiency, and ultimately reducing the number of swabs used per sensor cleaning session. SwabLight takes you to a completely higher professional level and fun sensor cleaning experience.

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