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Zipit Talking Monstar Mini Pouch (Red)

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Zipit Talking Monstar Mini Pouch (Red) with:

Zipit Talking Monstar Mini Pouch

A friendly Monstar that loves to travel with you anywhere!

If you're looking for a unique and memorable accessory, you've found it! The Zipit Talking Monstar Mini Pouch introduces clever augmented reality (AR) technology that allows your child to have a friendly Monstar companion with them wherever they go! This stylish storage companion fits coins, keys, lip balm, and more!

This Zipit pouch features the Monstar known as Volt, a bodybuilder who starts his day with a protein shake and ends it with 100 pullups. The only thing he loves more than his dumbbells are his biceps. He loves fitness competitions and tells all the ladies that he's placed 1st in every one he's ever entered.

Download the free app and get ready to: Record a video of your Monstar repeating anything using 3 different pitches; play a game with your Monstar; snap and save photos of your Monstar; and share your videos and photos on social media directly from the app.

Key Features:

Exciting App Included:
Download the free app to your iOS or Android device and your pouch will come to life with a personality of its own! Play games, take photos and recordings, and share them with your friends on social media.

Made of One Zipper:
The design features one zipper that can be fully zipped and unzipped! It's a sweet backpack accessory or coin purse for girls or boys, and the free Monstar app is fun and playful.

Stylish Storage:
Keep your keys, change, lip balm and much more inside this mini pouch. It comes with a round zipper head for easy zipping and a silver clasp so you can attach the pouch to your bag, backpack, keys or anywhere you like.

100% Polyester:
This mini pouch is carefully created using sturdy, durable polyester fabric so it's made to last.

Easy Care:
Your ZIPIT Talking Monstar Mini Pouch Coin Purse can be machine washed on the gentle cycle. For best results, zip it completely before washing, and use a maximum water temperature of 86°F (30°C). Lay flat to dry.

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Zipit Talking Monstar Mini Pouch

Material: Polyester
Dimensions: 3.7 x 0.6 x 3.1 in. (9.5 x 1.5 x 8cm)
Weight: 2.5 oz. (70g)
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