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Cameta 101

Photography Basics, Tips, Tricks
Our Cameta In Focus blog is not only a good source for industry news, product updates and information about Cameta itself, but it also features an ongoing series of photography tips and techniques entitled Cameta 101.

For the novice photographer (and even pros who need a little refresher now and then), Cameta 101 is a great way to become more familiar with the complicated world of digital photography, and to learn a few new tricks along the way.

For your convenience, we've archived all the Cameta 101 articles here. Enjoy!
Shooting Tips
Eliminate Blurry Photos Forever
How to Take Delectable Photos of Food
Tips for Super Spooky Halloween Photos
Tips for Photographing Fireworks
An Introduction to Shooting Sports (Part 1)
An Introduction to Shooting Sports (Part 2)
Tips for Taking Photos at Night
Tips for Shooting Halloween Photos
Tips for Shooting Sunsets
Tips for Shooting in the Snow
Tips for Thanksgiving Photos
Tips for Great Fall Photos
Technical Help / Tutorials
Understanding ISO
Understanding Shutter Speed
What is Aperture?
11 Tips for Beginner Photoshop Users
How to Make a Free Infographic
How to Create a Photo Collage
6 Ways to Create Sepia Tone in Photoshop
6 Ways to Convert Photos to B&W in Photoshop
5 Photo Editing Tips for Adobe Photoshop
5 Great Apps for Editing Your Social Media Pics
What Does a Low-Pass Filter Do?
Mystery Letters Explained: Lens Edition
Shooting in RAW
Starting Your Lens Collection
The Benefits of Wi-Fi for your Camera
Understanding Depth of Field
Using Focus Modes
How-To & DIY
Making the Most of Your Point-&-Shoot Camera
DIY Flash Bouncer for Point-&-Shoot Cameras
Guide to Cleaning Your Image Sensor
Guide to Cleaning Your Camera & Lenses
Indoor Photo Shoot Ideas: Smoke Photography
10 Easy & Affordable Lighting Tips
How To Clean Your DSLR & Lenses