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Cameta Care Warranties

A Cameta Care Warranty is an economical, easy way to cover defects and repair damage long after the original warranty expires.
It covers all parts and labor, and is completely transferable.
Cameta Care warranties are available for new and refurbished digital cameras, camcorders, lenses, flashes and lighting equipment.
Two levels of protection are available for purchase:
Gold Warranty
The basic Gold Warranty protects against all manufacturer defects. It covers parts and labor associated with the cost of repair, has no deductible, is fully transferable, and is valid worldwide. It can be purchased anytime. Repairs are fully insured.
Platinum Warranty
The more comprehensive Platinum Warranty not only protects against manufacturer defects, but accidental damage as well! Platinum protection covers: damage caused by liquid, impacts, sand and grit; normal and abnormal wear; and mechanical malfunctions. It must be purchased within 30 days of product purchase, and is valid in the USA only. The Platinum Warranty also covers all parts and labor, has no deductible, is transferable, and is fully insured.
Whether you want to cover a new camera, lenses, or a refurbished model, there's a Cameta Care Warranty perfect for you.
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Why buy an extended warranty?
Photography equipment can be a very expensive commitment, and unfortunately, most manufacturer warranties only last one year. If something goes wrong with your equipment after that, repairs can be a costly and annoying ordeal.
An extended Cameta Care warranty covers your gear long after the original warranty expires, and it can be applied to both new and factory-refurbished items! If your product fails due to manufacturer defect any time during the warranty period, you can rest assured that we will restore it to working order, with absolutely no charge for parts or labor, no deductible, and free customer support.
Furthermore, you can opt for a more comprehensive plan that covers accidental damage, including drops, liquids, sand and grit, wear and tear, plus other mechanical malfunctions. It's the most complete protection you can get for your gear!