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Photo Lab Editing Services

The Cameta Camera Difference
Photoshop experts on staff Affordable prices and high-quality results
All work done on premises Friendly, personal service
All editing tailored to your specific needs Support a local small business!
Photo Restoration, Retouching & More
At Cameta, we know that the job isn't always done once the shutter has been pressed. Often, producing the image we want requires a little post-production. Our lab staff can take your existing photos and give them the care they need... dust removal, erasing blemishes, fixing backgrounds, adding color, even repairing creases and tears in old pictures.
Photo Restoration
Dust & Red Eye Removal
Beauty Retouching
Background Alterations
... plus more!
Pricing is done on a case-by-case basis. Generally, Photoshop work is billed at a rate of $40/hour. Often, quick jobs can be completed in 1/2 hour for a $20 fee.

Need a quote? Please visit us in store or email us at with a description of the work you need performed, preferably with an image for us to evaluate.

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